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Corey Davis, a Northern Californian, started with nothing, not even a father. His father had dies in a mutant accident while he was still a baby leaving him to be breaded and buttered by his widowed mother with 9 other kids. All likelihoods were against him.

Corey was encouraged to research and study happiness because of the way his mother dealt with the pain, sorrow, loneliness and unbearable stress and the way she expressed love and happiness irrespective of her surrounding circumstance. He questioned a lot of people around the world about being happy, got ideas from reputable and exceptional best doctors and counselors of this world, and in the end, became a guru of happiness.

Corey has gone a 20-year campaign against grief and misery which taught him the true secrets to being happy i.e. success, satisfaction and confidence.

All his year of knowledge of how to over happiness has now been compiled into the bestselling ‘3 Days To Happiness Program’, for anyone who is depressed or battered or whatever state of mind, to learn how to train every part of their body to a long-lasting happiness – a kind of unexplainable happiness that saturates your soul – that can sure, help you become whom you are destined to become no matter the circumstances surrounding you.

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