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World attractions

2015 does promise to introduce some spectacular and must visit attractions in cities dotting the entire globe. Make your choice!

The Observation Wheel in Hong Kong
For those who are familiar with Ferris Wheels in Paris and London, the Observation Wheel in Hong Kong is quite similar. It is an interesting and eye opening way of getting an aerial view of this metropolis, in of the 42 climate controlled gondolas which soar as high as sixty (60) meters above Hong Kong. The view is quite spectacular to say the least.

King Richard III Visitor Center in Leicester, England
This sparkling new museum is solely dedicated to the times and life of Richard III, renowned British monarch. It is located in a used parking lot or space where his remains were discovered in 2012. Fitted with state of the art interactive displays, the museum tells a story first brought to the fore by William Shakespeare in a unique and iconic play, depicting a medieval leader whose war ridden reign and power hungry ways were quite legendary.

The Dubai Frame in Dubai
Costing a whopping $ 33 million, this is just but a small part of the construction and development plans coming up in Dubai. The huge picture frame shaped facility still under construction and set to be opened towards the end of 2015. With well thought out walkway made of glass and placed 150 meters (500 feet) above the ground, it is bound to offer some spectacular sights of the city.

The BioMuseo Panama City in Panama
Featuring some amazing architecture by Frank Gehry and some top notch tech installations, this new artistic museum is a masterpiece that depicts the biodiversity that’s present in Panama. Taking into consideration the fact that the country bridges the Pacific and Atlantic, the flora and fauna present is immense as the species are allowed mix or cross over and therefore adapt accordingly.

Funtasy Island in Singapore
Still under construction, this eco-minded amusement park on Sentosa Island in Singapore will offer visitors around 800 acres of beaches, aquariums, sports, water rides, a huge resort hotel and a wedding venue.

Puerto Piramedes Yellow Submarine in Argentina
If you are an animal lover then you are bound to enjoy a few rides in the yellow submarine. Depending on the season you travel, you can get quite close or near the animals and safely get to watch whales or sea lions in their natural environment.

The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro
Designed by the highly gifted Santiago Calatrava,this visually striking museum does bring together themes of sustainability and science, with water streaming from Guanabara bay used to effectively cool the building whereas the super efficient and highly effective solar panels will be used to supply electricity to the museum .

Broad Museum in Los Angeles
This modern art museum, costing $ 140million and designed by Diller Scofido + Renfro, shall house tens of thousands of artistic pieces including those by Roy Lichtenstein, Jean Michael Basquiat as well as those of its namesake and primary sponsor, Eli Broad. The museum is set to open its doors to the public late 2015.

Smithwicks Experience in Kilkenny, Ireland
If you ever visit Ireland, make a point of reliving Irish history by taking this tour of a brewery priding itself in producing the country’s oldest beer. The tour is quite rich, featuring holograms, actors as well as living, colorful portraits of the family through the ages.

Philharmonie Paris
Designed by Jean Nouvel, a renowned architect, the Paris Philharmonic Orchestras 2,400 seat concert space is highly sought. Boasting of an unmatched technological sound experience, the center, located outside the Park de la Vilette will host A-list acts and classical concerts too.

The Goods Line in Sydney, Australia
This is basically a slightly elevated park space that’s meant to connect the harbor and the whole city, acting as pedestrian and transportation thoroughfare, it will be a New York’s Highline lookalike .

The One World Observatory in New York
As the tallest building in the Western hemisphere, the One World Trade Center is the much celebrated re-invention of The World Trade Center and is bound to stand out accordingly. It will feature a total of 120,000 square foot observatory that’s fitted with the latest technology, offering some spectacular views of New York Metropolis.

The Eternity Passage in Beijing
Located outside Beijing’s central business district, it is expected to have a local theme, pure Chinese culture with some little space age twist. This mix allows the amusement park to easily blend themes of travel and time as well as Chinese culture and history. Most of the rides incorporate traditional myths and folktales. It is worth mentioning that the park has been designed by Ide Attack; a leading California firm.

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