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Scientific studies that have been conducted recently have revealed that limonoids – which is basically a compound that is present in the chemical composition of citrus fruits, especially lemons, has properties that can bring down the growth of ER- and ER+ cells, which are breast cancer cells, during reproduction. Now this is a development that can have a very profound and positive effect on treatment for cancer.

The general consensus among people while using lemons is to use the lemon juice, while the rest goes into the bin. However, what people do not realize is that by doing so, they are actually throwing away most of the lemon as well as its potential benefits. So, if you really want to utilize your lemons in the best possible way to boost your health, you should go beyond the juice and freeze the whole fruit and then use it entirely.

Yes, you heard that right. Get hold of that lemon and pop it in the freezer. Once you find that the lemon is entirely frozen, use a cheese grater and grate the entire fruit without peeling it. You can then use these peelings on any dish – from sauces and dressings to soups and salads, and even pasta – all you need to do is to sprinkle them over your dish and you are ready to go.

The main logic behind using the whole fruit is that since the whole lemon fruit contains at least five to ten times more vitamins in comparison to the lemon juice, it only makes more sense to freeze the whole fruit and use it entirely than to throw most of it away and only use the juice.
But that’s not all…there are more benefits to using lemons than you thought!

The benefits of using lemons is far more than reducing the prospects of cancer. The aforementioned studies have further revealed that besides being useful in combating tumors and cysts, lemons have an anti-microbial like effect on fungal as well as bacterial infections and help keep blood pressure in check. Additionally, lemons also act as a powerful natural anti-depressant.

It is only odd that this fact has since long been ignored by the mainstream media; over twenty laboratory tests that have been conducted since as early as 1970 has proved that lemons are capable of destroying malignant cancer cells in at least twelve different cancer types, which include pancreatic, prostrate, breast, lung and colon cancer.

Additionally, lemon tree compounds have been found to be an astounding ten thousand times more efficient that Adriamycin, which is a drug that is used in chemotherapy to destroy and reduce the growth of cancer cells. This evidence, however, is for now circumstantial and has not as of yet been implemented in cancer treatments. You must always note, however, that lemons on their own are as of yet no replacement for conventional medication. Research in this area is ongoing, and you must never ignore mainstream treatments and listen to the advice of your healthcare professionals since they know what is in your best interest.

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