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While you may be able to make some genuinely great work as an artist, there are chances that you are still struggling to find a willing and interested buyer. As someone who has firsthand experience of being a great, but nameless and starving artist, you are no stranger to the fact that trying to earn money by selling your creations is a depressing affair, to say the least.

When pursuing a new project, every artist has to bear the costs of its creation. Based on what the project is, and the materials that are required, this cost could be in hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For example, if you are a painter, then on a basic level, you will be needing brushes, paint, canvases and cleaning tools; additionally you will also need studio space so that you can carry out your work.

Now the cost involved in buying these materials is quite high. Also, even if the painter manages to sell the painting, it may not make a clean profit by covering all the costs involved in making the painting. Therefore, for every artist, there is always the higher probability that the expense in making the piece of art is more than the money earned from selling it.

One such artist was Steve Popkin, who specialized at glass working. Although he couldn’t exactly be called the “best” glass artist, his work was nevertheless good. However, since he could never get an interested client who would pay for his work, he ended up not making money at all, while his artwork was either undersold or gifted to other people.

By the day he was getting more penniless, tired and frustrated, as he saw the successes of other artists were very comfortable earning from their creations. So what was it that they were doing that Popkin wasn’t?

At this point Steve decided to find out the cause, and began his own research. In the pursuit of finding out the difference between his work and effort and that of the profited artists, he came upon a shocking revelation that made him realize the key to earning good money as an artist. He found out that the reason why these artists were earning more money had nothing to do with the quality of the art; they artists earned more because they were much better at marketing themselves. Therefore, by applying what Steve had learned to his own work, it was not long before he could make his work sell.

But for Steve, that was not the end of the road. As he saw his other artist colleagues struggling with getting their work sold at good prices, he decided to help them out as well. He subsequently created a unique course in art marketing called “How To Sell Your Art Without Selling Out” for up-and-coming artists who want to pursue making art and also make good money selling them.

This course, which is extremely affordable, teaches you a crucial thing all art and drawing schools lack, which is how you should market your work. The contents of this course are compiled in an e-book with audio that gives you a step-wise picture of how you must market your artwork to make it a commercial success.

If you are an artist for whom money is of no concern, then this course may not be of much relevance. But If you are one of those artists who is trying to earn a living this course in an investment in making your art a commercial success. The main point that this course puts across is that artists have been selling their work and writing – and re-writing history since antiquity – or at least since paint was first invented in the history of the human race.

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