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Computer researchers have lately revealed a significant flaw in the online security that subjects many computers and smartphones to vulnerable attacks currently. The flaw was brought up due to the policy passed by the government of the US.

FREAK flaw has been considered to originate from the weak encryption in the links to certain websites and browsers. The websites that are believed to be secure such as portals of the Government of the US and banks were considered to be vulnerable because the browsers can be ordered to use encryption that is weak and uses codes that can be cracked easily.

Craig Tim from the Washington Post explained that Cryptography expert, Heninger established that she can crack the vulnerable sites` encryption export-grade key in approximately seven hours while using a computer on web services on Amazon. This enabled hackers to engage in a man-in-the-middle attack which makes the highly encrypted traffic very easy to read. These attacks can be set by any individual who can access the internet traffic on the internet providers, coffee shops, government, and airports which offer Wi-Fi hotspots.

US government greatly encouraged using of weak encryption in the products exported by US programmers to different countries. However, this government policy has been considered to be the primary cause of the flaws that have subjected the websites to suffering. Although this idea was to provide the US with an advantage of improved online security, it never achieved the long term expectation. The practice did not last longer though the weaker encryption that was involved was then embedded in a particular popular software which enabled it to make its way throughout the globe and also back the US servers.

The security researchers established that web browsers were ordered to use encryptions that are weak so as to allow easier cracking of their codes within a short time. When the hackers crack the codes, they can steal the classified information which includes passwords and then control the various elements such as links and buttons on the websites.

The flaw and 1990`s policy behind the rise of the flaw clearly portray the fact that the double standards evident on the online security in the government of US stance are troublesome. Moreover, it decries the attacks by the hackers on the US individuals and business; the tech companies have been demanded to provide the permanent backdoors to secure the websites to ensure improved surveillance purposes by the intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The situation is ironical because many US citizens are disadvantaged in the process such that they carry smartphones that have weak encryption unknowingly.

The flaw is worse because many Android system carriers do not give updates which ensure the flaw will not be easily treated. The IOS operating systems can only get through this flaw by making sure that they manage better their systems functioning. The US citizens depend on government agencies such as NSA to deal with the malpractices that hamper and hurt online security which has become a subject of great public concern. Moreover, you can know if your phone has been affected by FREAK flaw by checking on the available simple online searches on the web which will provide you with the information that will help you in the diagnosis.

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