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Although we are all made to believe that visiting the gym will help us to shed some excess pounds, emerging reports are clearly showing that this is not exactly true. A new report released by the British Journal of Sports Medicine and put together by a team of three experts shows that workouts do not necessarily help in weight loss campaigns. According to this report, exercising regularly only helps lower the risks of developing different health conditions by approximately 30 percent including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, different types of cancers. Nevertheless, the report claims that physical exercises do not really help in weight loss.

This report has been developed based on statistics which reveal that the average weight has been on the rise over the past years despite the fact that the rate of physical activities has been steady. It is not shocking to discover that one of the greatest factors that contribute to weight gain is a bad diet. It is therefore clear that anyone who would want to lose some excessive pounds will need to watch what they eat otherwise going to the gym wouldn’t just work the magic.

The report disagrees with all the different types of modern assertions which are generally misleading and which are made by many food manufacturers. One of these claims is that all the different calories have the same value the source notwithstanding. The other claim is that diets that have a higher carbohydrate concentration are suitable for people who engage in different physical activities. These are just some of the few misleading claims that have been made and believed by many who are still struggling with weight issues to date.

This does not mean that you should ignore the gym all together. No, not yet! Although it is important to engage in regular physical exercises, it is very important to understand that both your diet and exercises will need to go hand in hand if you are to achieve the desired results. It is not possible to lose weight or even avoid gain those unwanted pounds if you take poor diet while at the same time engaging in exercises. It will be important to find a balanced approach to the two key factors and have both moving towards the same direction. What this simply means is that you should watch your diet closely and do everything possible to eliminate the common synthetic drinks, processed foods and at the same time eat smaller portions.

Avoiding these harmful foods will not make it possible for you to lose the extra pounds if you consume other types of foods in big portions. In addition, it will be worth considering your eating times and only consume foods that you will put into use and thus breakdown to avoid an accumulation in the body. this means eating in the morning as you start your day (or at night if you are a night person), thus supplying your body with the energy it needs.

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