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Having a computer that is so slow and barely appears to work can be frustrating. At times, it feels like the best solution would be to toss the screen against the wall. However, there is a superior approach to fixing computer issues, one that doesn’t include you clearing up dismantled pieces after you vent your frustrations.

There are great deals of solutions offered on the web to repair your computer problems. Some of them are extraordinary, and some of them are as useless as the bloatware that is presumably giving your computer such trouble. In this portion of Lifegooroos, a casual review of the best software intended to fix computer issues we took a look at SmartPCFixer by LionSea Software.

SmartPCFixer has been around since 2002. SmartPCFixer is the easiest approach to detect and repair issues in your computer. SmartPCFixer charges itself as a one-program solution that can keep you from getting backed off by a blue screen, mistake messages, garbage documents, and lag. LionSea Software project is intended to make the greater part of the issues that are backing your computer off fundamentally a three-catch undertaking.

You simply run it, finish the Quick Scan, and when the outcomes come up posting the greater part of the issues found that should be fixed it just takes the snap of one catch to repair them all. SmartPCFixer can do the majority of the normal computer support that your framework needs to stay in perfect condition without you.

SmartPCFixer does the greater part of the troublesome computer errands that can be contending or scaring for some computer clients. From defragging your hard drive and checking the disk for mistakes to cleaning the registry and overhauling the operating framework, SmartPCFixer is somewhat like a little IT branch of a kind.

SmartPCFixer works with both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. After you get the product, your permit key is sent straightforwardly to your letter drop. From that point, you should simply set up your record, and you are prepared to tidy up your muddled hard drive.

What we liked: There is a subscription plan present for either one computer ($38.97) or three computers ($48.97). At just a ten dollar difference in value, which implies the multiple computers choice gives you a chance to ensure the majority of the computers in your home for a negligible division of the cost for every machine. Also, even if that does not make you cheerful, LionSea has a liberal return policy, which will discount your cash on solicitation within the initial sixty days that you possess the item.

What we did not like: Any support issues that you keep running into can be brought up to the work support area on the web. That is not an issue in itself, but rather since support requests are just taken care of through email, you cannot hope to get a quick reaction if something turns out badly. That can be a touch of disappointing, particularly when something is turning out badly.
In case you are tired of your moderate computer holding you back, SmartPCFixer is a reasonable approach to getting things running normally once more.

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