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It goes without saying that breaking up really sucks. Sometimes you try to forget your ex and move on, but it is not that easy. You always know deep in your heart that if given another chance with your ex, things will indeed work out. Therefore, if you are in this kind of situation, the steps am going to give in this write-up will save you from the agony of break up. The steps are about getting that one last and crucial chance without which it would prove impossible for your ex to give you another chance. Hence, if you really want your ex back, here are two vital steps you undeniably need to do.

Step 1. Take control of the emotional brain

All human beings have two minds; the unconscious mind and a conscious mind. The conscious mind is under an active control and is bound to follow the logic, and mainly concerned with what you think. On the other hand, the unconscious mind, also known as emotional mind, not under your active control and is bound to be guided by emotions or is concerned with generating both feelings and emotions.

Hence, if there is a conflict between the two minds, the emotional mind automatically wins the battle. This is a clear indication that whenever you win the emotional section of your ex`s mind, you will certainly make him/her go with your desires. If you take full control of his or her emotional mind, you will certainly prompt feelings of love and affection in his or her mind without your ex-realizing how you are doing it. Your ex will automatically feel a strong inner compulsion to have you back.

Furthermore, you should note that the unconscious mind can be compared to fertile soil; you reap what you sow. Therefore, if you have the intention to get anther chance from your ex, you have the obligation to do away with the tainted picture of yourself out of your ex`s mind and replace it with a positive view of yourself. After you have won your ex`s unconscious mind, he or she will get a strong internal urge to get you back, start loving you just the way he/she loved you at the initial stage of your companionship, and will need you back into his/ her life as soon as possible.

Step 2. Alter the feelings that your ex attaches to your mental picture

Desire,love, and attraction are the three most vital emotions that trigger the emotions of your ex to consider giving you another chance. At the moment, they might be having a feeling of hate, anger, and reluctance towards you. Hence, in your quest to get another chance, you have the obligation to change hate into desire, turn reluctance to attraction, while changing anger to love.

When you have a mental picture of a person, your emotional mind will give you a feeling that is directly linked to that particular person. The feeling can either make you like or dislike the person. This implies that if you want another chance, you will be required to prompt feelings of attraction, desire, and love to his/her mental picture of you.

You can achieve this by communicating in a specific language that will prompt the unconscious mind to generate emotions. Making your habit to use a language that will make your ex subconsciously start feeling an intense feeling for you, and be unconsciously obligated to give you another chance.

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