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Make this summer different. Instead of going for plastic pesticides that are non-biodegradable, try something natural to protect yourself against mosquito attack. It is not complicated. In fact, the majority of well-known herbs used as spices are very efficient mosquito repellents. They are easy to establish while they beautify our lawns. To humans, the aroma they produce might feel appealing, but to insects, it has a pushing effect. Below are some of the selected plants that you can plant to repel mosquitoes around your homes.

This herb is very common. Its leaves are used in spicing food and salads. When planted it will an aesthetic look to your compound due to its broad leaves and beautiful flowers. Just having it outside your house is a guarantee that it will repel an extensive range of insects, mosquito being one of them. In case some find their way in the house, you can pick some leaves and rub them on the skin. Basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow and maintain.

Lemon thyme
The herb is perennial in the US; it is very hardy, can withstand weather changes and pollution. Due to these reasons, it can be grown in varying areas with differing conditions. The phytochemicals within it allow it to be an excellent repellent. However, to increase effectiveness, crush the leaves and rub against your skin. By doing this, you enjoy the aroma while mosquitoes are far away from you.

Cats love this plant. You may give it a trial and plant in your home. It does not require specialized care and maintenance. According to research performed on the plant it revealed that plant is capable seven times than existing insecticides. It is very effective in repelling mosquitoes in close range. Further, efficiency is increased by crushing the leaves and rubbing them on the skin. For extra protection, people use Catnip oil. While mosquitoes will be running away from you, cats might be following you.

Citronella Grass
Only a few people are aware that this grass is used in the manufacture of mosquito repellants, scented candles, and citronella oil. The plant is very easy to grow, and you can grow it in a pot or flowerbeds. In its natural form, it produces a strong smell capable of driving mosquitoes away. Now, instead of purchasing synthetic insecticides containing Citronella why not utilize natural one.

This herb is commonly used to flavor tea and other beverages. It is easy to grow and have many advantages. Once planted, it keeps bugs and ants away from the compound. Through its strong aroma, its leaves can be rubbed directly into the skin to repel mosquitoes, in the case of a bite it helps to sooth the skin. Mint oil can be extracted and be used to make a repellent spray.

Lemon Balm
The herb is very hardy hence can survive in different conditions. Its hardness makes it capable of being grown even in rock grounds, extreme sunny areas and in wet places. It contains chemicals that are repellent upon opening of the leaves. Rub the broken leaves into your skin while taking care of allergic reaction.

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