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Ask anyone out there, and he or she will tell you that being healthy means staying active, eating right and being happy, but there us one major health hazard, we all ignore, i.e. The toxic chemicals in the soaps, shampoos and the skin creams that our family use every day.

It’s said that there are several toxic chemical in certain soaps, shampoos and creams that make us age faster. They cause wrinkles on our face, especially around our mouth and the eyes. Its also been proven that the majority of the soaps, skin creams and shampoos products we use every day contains hormone manipulator that messes up with our normal endocrine system. This ultimately increases chances of weight gain and cellulite formation.

The problem is the FDA is aware of these facts, but there are forces in the multi-billion beauty industry that prevent them from doing nothing.

The good news is that there are something you can do right from your home and avoid the negative effects these products brings to your body. Yes, that’s right, you can use some inexpensive alternatives to these harmful products. It would not be possible to go through all the toxic chemicals in most beauty products, but there are several you should highly avoid.

1. Parabens

Parabens is a preservative widely used to prevent bacteria, mold and yeast growth cosmetic products. That sounds right, but parabens are more than a preservative; they have estrogens mimicking property linked with increased breast cancer. A dozen of other studies have associated it with increased body weight, thigh fat and accelerated aging especially to women.
So it would be advisable to use paraben-free soaps, shampoos, cream, conditioners and detergents. Alternatively, you can use home-made remedies, either way, avoid these nasty skin destroyers at all costs.

2. Nano’s

Nanotechnology as you probably know is a new science that involves the manipulation of materials at the scale of molecules and atoms. It’s commonly used in beauty products, either to promote better absorption or as a less oily mixture. As good as it may sound, it has been said to cause a normal skin cell growth to slow down, resulting in wrinkling.

It’s ironic that nano’s are actually used in anti-aging skin lotion; the products we use in the hope to look younger, which is why we find most of them not working in the first place. Rather than making us look younger they make us look older!

For a home-based remedy to make yourself look like you are aging backward, get some eggs, strawberries, orange extract and mix them in a blender. After applying the mixture on your face, you will notice a huge difference.

3. Synthetic Fragrances

Did you know that most chemicals in fragrances are delivered from petrochemicals capable of causing weight gains, birth defects, and allergy?
Repeated use of synthetically fragranced beauty product produce toxic chemical, so before you purchase any beauty product check the label, if it label reads phthalate-free, it means that the product is safe from fragrances.

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