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Over the last few years, computers have become a very essential part of our daily lives. We simply cannot go through life without them. Despite this fact however, there is a whole world of computer tricks that many people still haven’t even heard about.

The following a few of the computer tricks that any PC user should know.

1. The best and fastest way to boost your computer’s start up
Every time you turn on your PC, a number of programs automatically start as well. Most PC factory settings schedule these programs to start as soon as you boot your machine. All these programs increase the load on your PC, eventually making it start up rather slowly. If you want to speed up the start up process, all you need to do is change a few settings.

Press and hold down the “Windows” key together with the “R” key. The “Windows” key is the one between the Ctrl and Alt keys on the left side of the keyboard. In the “Run” window, type in “msconfig” and a system configuration window will appear. Select the start-up tab to see all the programs that are scheduled to load automatically when Windows starts. Uncheck all the programs that you do not want to start automatically, and save the settings. The next time you reboot your PC, you will notice that it starts up a lot faster than before.

2. The “God Folder” that gives you supreme power of Windows
If you’ve ever taken your computer to the repair shop then you’ve noticed how the technicians seem to override all the settings and passwords on your PC with very little effort. You’ve probably been wondering how they do this. Windows is built in with a little-known “God mode.” This mode gives you complete control over all of the operating system’s settings. We can describe this in layman’s terms as a control panel for control panels.
This mode can be a little tricky to activate. However, this is how to do it. Simply create a new folder with the name God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. Once you’ve saved the name, the folder will no longer look like any ordinary Windows folder. It will instead look like the icon for Control Panel. The God Mode however might not work well with Windows Vista, that’s probably because Vista is a problem itself.

3. Send those large trash files to the recycle bin
If you want your PC to run smoothly and faster, you will have to do some housekeeping every now and then. Over time, your PC accumulates many useless files that end up consuming a lot of space. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through every folder in your PC to clean out these files manually. All you need to do is use a tool call WinDirStat (Windows Directory Statistics). This tool helps you identify all the useless and bulky files that you can delete without harming you computer.

4. A better and Faster Alternative for accessing the task manager
Since you’ve been using your computer for a while now, you’ve probably heard of Ctrl + Alt + Del. This combination helps you stop whatever is happening on your PC instantly. It also gives you the option of opening the task manager so that you can control these processes directly. If you want to bypass this, process and go directly to the task manager, simply hold down Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys.

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