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Many people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of providing the best care to their pets. They spend a lot of money in providing the best foods and other essential services to their fur haired babies. However, there are so many brands of pet food available across the counter with some appealing adverts that we barely recognize what is the best for our pets.

We all know that pet food typically contain some major ingredients that include something like chicken, beef, sweet potatoes, turkey among other renowned foods. Surprisingly enough, most of us spend our precious time in reading the ingredients that make up these foods, but we end up buying unsafe foods, because many people are not aware of some of the dangerous elements that seriously jeopardize the pet’s health. This article will shed some green light to all pet lovers ensuring that they never make or repeat the mistake again.

Most of the chemically compounded ingredients found in the pets food are potentially toxic, despite having been declared safe by FDA. Some of these chemical components are potentially harmless in the short-run, but they accumulate with time and cause serious health dangers. Some of these dangerous ingredients are used primarily as the food preservatives while others as the main ingredient.

Which are these dangerous ingredients hiding in your pet food?

This ingredient is used as a preservative in most of the pet food. It has been used as a pesticide for quite a long period, and this was its initial and intended use. It has also been used in rubber production. It should be noted that this particular compound is a deadly poison when incorporated in pet food. The health dangers associated with this ingredient include cancer, liver damage, blindness, hair loss, chronic diarrhea among other serious diseases. Despite the fact that it has so many negative effects and being banned in the European Union and Australia, it is legally used as a food preservative in the United States.

Propylene glycol
This sweet-tasting chemical is widely used as antifreeze agent and in the production of polymers. It is also used as the “juicy” liquid in electronic cigarettes. As a preservative in pet food, it has many harmful impacts to the liver, brain and the kidneys. Luckily FDA has banned its use in cats food. So be on the lookout for other pets as well.

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) are used as preservatives, yet research has confirmed its carcinogenic properties and has been reported to produce tumors in lab animals.FDA legalizes its use without considering the effects of its repeated ingestion by our treasured pets.

Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (TSPP)
It is used as an emulsifying agent in most of the brands of the pet food to enhance digestion. However, medical research has linked this compound to diarrhea and nausea symptoms. While it is not toxic enough to kill your pet, it can ruin your pet’s health.

Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)
This compound is widely used as a calcium supplement and as an agent to control tartar. However, medical research has linked it to kidney stones and the hardening of organ tissues.

As we are all aware, our pets are a part of our precious life. Great care is therefore required, but we have to be cautious on what we are feeding our pets. Let us ensure that the ingredients mentioned above do not appear on the labels of these pet foods. Let us be realistic and make a switch to a great organic whole pet food.

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