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There is nothing catastrophic than loving a person who does not reciprocate. In fact, this is not fiction; it happens in our real life. If you have ever experienced this scenario, the experience is very discouraging. It can lead to severe conditions like low self-esteem, stress, and other psychological disorder.

Now, imagine a scenario where you are in a deep feeling of love towards a particular girl. You share many things about life, but when you try to express your feeling to her, she says you are just friends. This scenario is one of the worst experiences in love world. It is known as being in a friend zone, and many people usually find themselves trapped inside.

1. How to know you are in a friend zone. Is she available when in need of a favor?
For a real friend, she will always keep on inquiring about your progress. You might meet and immediately you part, she starts to text you. However, this is not always the case with so-called friends. Some of them are only waiting for an opportunity to arise so that they can exploit you.

Taking,  for instance, there is a woman you have been admiring, and you do talk. However, there is no single moment she has ever called to greet you or tell you about her progress. You only see her or she calls when needs your assistance. If you find yourself in such scenario, know that you are in a friend zone.

2. She views you as her supporting pillar.
At this scenario, the girl, is going to use enticing tricks to get favors from you. Ladies know men have a weakness when it comes to love matters. You will find yourself accompanying her to do shopping and partying. You may accompany her to a date but the moment you mention or you try to express your feeling towards her, she will say you are just good friends. The situation is very discouraging and even though it is hard to cut it off sometimes, it is worth.

3. She has no time for you
There are times you may try your level best to keep in touch with her but the plan never materializes. In case, if she turns up she comes accompanied by her friends. To make the matter worse, when you send her a message no reply or replies after 30 minutes with a discouraging answer. If you try to call, she fails to answer, and if she answers, the response is unwelcoming.

Anytime you experience such a reaction automatically, know you are in the friend zone.
If she keeps telling you about other guys

Men here can bear witness that nothing is hurting than a girl who keeps mentioning about other men in front of her boyfriend. In fact, this is derogatory. In case you happen to experience this, the woman might be suggesting that other guys are handsome and romantic than you. When it reaches to this point, there is no need of pursuing her again you have been friend zoned.

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