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Onions in socks

Did you know that onion can actually ward off diseases? Cutting up one could have you in tears, but putting a slice of it in your sock could help get rid of fever. According to Chinese experts, there are a million benefits of putting onions in your feet. Onions are extremely beneficial for health, and by putting them in your socks, you can actually transfer these health benefits through skin. Let us find out more about this.

In Chinese Medicine, your feet are considered as powerful organs that are linked to the health of various organs in the body. The bottom of your feet contains a complex circuit of nerve endings that are connected to all the vital organs of the body. These electrical circuits are often dormant because we wear shoes. This is why Chinese medicine practices the stimulation of the bottom of the feet to care for the nervous system.

Your feet and onions:A member of Allium family, onion is rich in antioxidants like organosulphur and quercetin. The combination of these two antioxidants recycles the other antioxidants and reduces the risk of various health conditions.

Your feet’s bottom consists of direct access points for your body’s internal organs. These points or channels are known as meridians in Chinese Medicine. Each organ in the body is connected with these channels. According to experts in Chinese Medicine, by stimulating these access point, one can open up the neural pathways and in turn promote better flow of energy.

As mentioned above, your feet acts as a direct connection to the other parts of the body, and by putting sliced onions in your socks, you can actually avail the various health benefits. Onions are anti-bacterial and antiseptic in nature. When applied topically to the body, they kill germs and bacteria. They also contain phosphoric acid that acts as a blood purifier. Phosphoric acid purifies the blood and eliminates toxins and chemicals by pulling them out from your feet.

Benefits of putting onions in your socks?
Antiseptic- Because of its antibacterial properties, thin slices of onions kills germs and bacteria present on the skin of your feet.Blood purification- The phosphoric acid cleanses the blood.Detoxification- It also eliminates the toxins and chemicals present on the surface of your skin. Health Conditions- It reduces the risk of liver problems, kidney poisoning, prostate cancer and other health conditions.

How to use onions for blood purification?

Take organic red or white onions and cut them in to slices. Organic are preferred as they do not contain chemicals such as pesticides. Cover the bottom of your feet with these flat slices and put on your socks as you sleep. Applying flat slices on the bottom of your feet does not cause any discomfort in sleeping.

While you are sleeping, the onions natural powers are in action. This process, known as Trans-dermal application kills germs and bacteria, eliminates toxins and purifies blood.

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