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Rio de janiero

The Brazilian coastal city Rio de Janeiro has a spirit like no other. The spirit of unity and a warmth such that if you stay with them you feel loved and wanted. Actions speak louder than words and the Brazilians know how to express themselves with actions. This spirit is envisioned fully during the Rio Carnival celebration which takes place annually. Right from the dressing, the smiles and the warmth in the air you can detect how spectacular this event is or is supposed to be. The Rio annual carnival celebration is not only spectacular but also very important to the residents of Rio. The event is treated with respect and reverence while at the same time carried as fun and enjoyment.

The Sambadrome is the central stage for the carnival celebration. Every year within month of February a large crowd of Brazilians assemble around this stadium for a treat that can be termed as both fulfilling and enjoyable. The fun experience during this time is beyond description. Yes it’s indescribable, can you describe why millions of people would gather in a single location without a political rally? That’s how amazing it can be with the Rio Carnival celebrations.

The carnival celebrations originated during the Greek and Roman empires. This celebrations were actually pagan celebrations during the spring season. Surprisingly the celebrations were taken over by Christians. The Christians however use this celebration for a totally different reason. “Lent” is a season that Christians celebrate to usher in Easter holidays. It is for this reason that Christians celebrate the carnival.

The Brazilian carnival as celebrated in modern days took its form and shape in the mid 1800s. Although it seems like a long time ago the truth is that as early as this Brazilians were enjoying this spectacular adventure. Funny enough the celebration has not become boring after almost 200years. With time the carnival celebration has evolved from just a religious party to a wind blowing celebration with the most coveted “carnival Samba parade” .This is a parade that no Brazilian can afford to miss at any cost. People come out in millions just to watch and match the sambadrome parade. Its during this time that talents and pride are displayed at the best if the best.

Dancers of different calibre compete for prizes during the parade. Both schools and colleges from all over Brazil are engaged in this competitive but at the same time enjoyable activity. Students form groups depending on their interests and desire and prepare day and night for the samba parade. Once the stage is set and the stakes are placed then the display comes forward. Teams which are made such that they represent various regions within the country also compete for prizes. This is simply a stage for a show of might and power above the rest. Some of the teams performances include;

A live parade march from their regions to the centre of the sambadrome. The sambadrome stadium was build in the 18th century for the main purpose of hosting this event and so it has remained.

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