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If you ask people who visit the gym, they will tell you that for a better body shape cardio workouts are necessary. However, is this true? Let us evaluate some of the known facts. There are many people out there and to them, cardio workouts are a vocabulary in their life. To your surprise, their bodies look well packed and sturdy while others have athletics body. We can say that different exercises respond differently to various people, although all depends on level of commitment.

What are cardiovascular workouts?
These are exercises meant to enhance faster heartbeat and make it stronger or increase the maximum oxygen that you can take (VO2 Max). Various methods used to improve heart health. They include the use of treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines. These devices are available in many homes, leave alone gyms. People use them during hobby times while doing other activities; this is termed as traditional cardio. As a result, they do not achieve their goals and end up being demoralized. It is the high time to do away with traditional exercises and embrace something new for great results.

Cardio workouts exercises

Use of dumbbells
Lifting weight alleviates the rate of heartbeat. A dumbbell whether light or heavy is an ideal way to exercise your heart and other body muscles. It is very challenging to lift the device from the ground to the shoulder level. It is even made worse if you try to raise it several times. However, at the end of it all, you realize that your heartbeat has increased significantly. Instead of doing a few laps on the field, why not try dumbbell lifting? It is as good as running. Health wise, they have similar effects.

One-armed kettle bell swing
Depending on the level of experience, set how many swings you want to achieve and work them out. At the end of the exercise, you must notice that your whole body is burning up with heavy breathing and sweating. Many people consider weight lifting as training but in the real sense, they are a perfect form of cardiovascular workouts.

Other exercises
It does not necessarily mean that you go to very demanding activities. Some simple ones like jogging, press-ups and body weight squats are also very useful. Everything requires sacrifice and devotion. It does not matter the level of exercise if done with passion results are likely to be a healthy cardio workout. Some are so simple that they are going to consume less of your time. On the other hand, they are very appealing and keeps the body in an active state.
What to avoid when conducting cardio workouts

You will find that majority of people do not exercise seriously. They consider it as a part of the hobby time. However to get satisfying results one must avoid
· Watching television while exercising
· Reading novels when under exercise
· Setting unrealistic goals
It is always good to try something new. Now, if you have tried the most common mechanisms available in the gym and results are disgusting, not all is lost. Try the techniques mentioned above and see the magic working.

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