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I had anticipated that my friend would ask me to be the maid of honor but I had not done any preparations. When she finally asked me I took time to read samples of funny maid of honor speeches from a great website. These samples enlightened me and also gave me ideas where I was able to put together my speech. I will later share with you the resources I used in my research but first let me share some of the crucial points that I have learned in delivering the maid of honor speech.

Prepare in advance
The most appropriate time to start preparing your speech is immediately after the bride asks you to be the maid of honor. This is because as the material wedding day draws closer your duties will also increase. You will have to accompany the bride to her appointments and fittings. You will also be obligated to help in every way you can and as a result you will find yourself with limited time to prepare the speech. But if you start preparing before the duties increase you will get an opportunity to come up with a good speech and also time to practice it so that you can build up your confidence.

Concentrate on the bride
Being a maid of honor means that you know the bride well and you might even be childhood friends. As a result, you are expected to talk more about her since you are the one who knows her better than most of the other people. Some of the things you should include in your speech include memories of when you first knew each other including childhood memories. The primary reason why you should focus on the bride is that the best man will talk about the groom and therefore it is your responsibility to talk about the bride.

Observe time
It is important to consider that there are any speakers and as a result you should take minimal time possible. An average of five minutes is enough for you to say everything you need including your best wishes for the couple. A long speech is usually boring since people wants to hear just the important things. You should also remember that there are other speakers who need time to talk and therefore you should limit your speech to a time where everyone else will get time to talk.

Be yourself
It is important to include funny sentences on your speech but you should not try too much to be funny. This is because trying to be funny might distort your message. You might also get frustrated if the audience does not see the humor in what you had thought to be funny. You should just talk naturally but include funny wedding quotations or funny one-liners in your speech without trying excessively to make the audience laugh. To ensure your speech is balanced and you have included the right humor you can search for funny lines from the internet provided you know where to look from. You do not need to read a lot of quotes since they might confuse you and you end up without getting the right humor. Here, you can find funny one-liners, hilarious quotes, inspiring wedding toasts, outstanding maid of honor speeches, 25 times-tested and more.

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