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Single individuals have a hard time around Valentine’s Day. They feel they are surrounded by happy couples who don’t miss the chance to show that love is in the air all the time. That makes singles long for a relationship.

Going to on a holiday seems to be better when you have a special someone on your side as well. But traveling on your own has plenty of benefits.

Here are the main advantages of traveling alone:

1. There are no constrains or boundaries.
Traveling solos means that you don’t have to make any compromises as you are the only one who decides the details of your trip. You can do whatever you wish, whether that means waking up late, splurging or being frugal.

When you travel with someone else, there will always be conflicts and someone needs to sacrifice his or her own interests for the sake of harmony in the relationship. Not to mention that traveling with a group involves being obliged to take into consideration the wishes of many people and to please them all to a certain extent even if that means forgetting about your own preferences.

2. You can enjoy more rewarding experiences.
You might want to do something that no one else is interested in such as visiting remote villages or getting lost in a new city. When you are traveling with someone else, your dream might forever remain unfulfilled. Who knows whether you will be able to get to that place again? When you are alone, you can enjoy all the experiences you want without fighting to convince someone to join you or feeling embarrassed to talk about them. It is always more adventurous to go on a trip on your own. Nothing holds you back from enjoying experiences that might be regarded as downright odd by a partner.

3. You can interact with more people.
When you travel alone, you are more likely to meet new people and to make friends no matter where you go. Whether you connect with them by using social media or you just find them along the way, you can discover interesting lifestyles and people that might change your life for the better.

Couples have their own little bubble and don’t really interact with others unless they really have to. They don’t need company so they don’t seek it, though this might enrich their life and their circle of friends. Who knows, you might even meet your future love interest while randomly interacting with locals. Nowadays it is pretty common for people to date individuals who live in other countries.

4. You don’t have to pretend.
You can be yourself without feeling the need to change your behavior according to the preferences of your partner. You can dress as fancy or comfortable as you want, be as quiet as you feel like when you admire a work of art and live by your own rules.  It is really liberating to behave as you would normally do without being forced by circumstances to follow certain guidelines. You can even reinvent yourself and see how that works out.

Women solo travelers should be more cautious. Don’t wear impressive jewelry items, avoid shady neighborhoods and take care of your phone. It’s best to keep a low profile without standing out due to high-end items and to update your family every once in a while.

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