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Running methods

During running exercises, having the proper guidelines for better performance is very important. Of which, lack of adhering to the simple technique ends up with a lot of energy being wasted and also can lead to physical damage of the body. To immediately improve running skills and outcome, here are some of the things to do:

· When running, be in total control of your hands. Do not let them move in all directions and manner.
· Do not swing your hands and elbows wildly.
· Don’t bounce along as you run. Up and down movement and the ones mentioned above are common bad exercising habits that people don’t know of as they really drain your energy. For most of us, these behaviors are a norm and to stop we must always keep in mind to:

1) Keep arms in right angles
When running, it’s easy to be caught up in the moment and you let loose of your arms. This should be highly discouraged. Your arms should always assume a right angled position from the body and extending to as far as 110 degrees. Also, they should be swinging in a linear motion unlike swaying in all directions as if they have been let loose. Use your elbows as the pivots of the arms movement or else you will face the consequences of inappropriate running techniques and suffer from overworked muscles and wasted energy.

2) Maintain eyes in front
It is easy to look down and relax your neck muscles when running but remember to keep your head up and shoulders relaxed. It’s easier this way to help keep your eyes fixed in a forward position rather than downward one. It makes running easier as the next step is always premeditated in the mind. Also psychologically, it prepares your body for the distance to be covered and it boosts you until you stop running.

3) Pump
You must pump effectively to achieve greater speeds like the professional military men during marching. They move their arms and legs in an opposed direction simultaneously boosting themselves more. Similarly when running, you must give yourself that extra amount of power during pumping. This way, you can maintain a great pace for a longer period of time.

4) Tread
When practicing a new technique of running, it is better starting it out on a treadmill because you’re in a position to monitor easily how you’re doing it. Even for the outdoor runners practice on their skills on the treadmill before perfecting them on the field. Being in front of the mirror also helps you gauge your body movements when running. If you’re jumping up and down too much, if your head and eyes are in the right position and general body posture are observed well when on a treadmill.

If the above easy methods are adhered upon, then is rest assured that your fitness level will improve. You will be able to maintain a high momentum during exercises, on the treadmill or in the field. Generally you will be on good health with a great physique and a strong body.

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