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The suitcase has come a long way over the years and has basically had one primary task: keep your stuff all in one place where you can quickly reach it. Recently numerous variations and technological improvements have been made to the good old humble suitcase to make it smarter and more responsive to the carriers need. But if you are truly looking for something innovative and different, the Bluesmart is most likely the one for you.

The Bluesmart is no ordinary carry on case. It actually communicates with your Android or iOS smartphone. The inventors are currently on the fund raising platform, Indiegogo, with the aim of raising capital to begin production.

The Bluesmart is a true example of innovation and proactive thinking on the part of its creators. The design has numerous features that are sure to amaze users. Some of these features include a pull up handle that automatically checks the weight of the case letting you know if its overstuffed it or not. It also features a built-in battery with 2 charging ports useful on the go for charging your mobile devices and other battery powered gear.

Other interesting specs include the option to auto-lock itself if you lose it or it’s stolen from you. The digitally controlled lock means you can access your suitcase using your smartphone. Don’t worry about the battery dying and locking you out as there is a special key that can be used in such situations. The lock is also usable by the TSA so you don’t go against regulations should you have to check-in the bag.

Losing this case will take a really determined person. It features a Bluetooth proximity sensor that alerts you if the distance between you and the case increases too much. You can easily track it back with a proximity heat map. This way you stand less risk of losing your precious belongings and possessions in the suitcase.

In cases where the distance between you and the suitcase is too much for the proximity feature, the GPS kicks in. The GPS can pinpoint where your luggage is located on a map. Very help for international travel and the often stressful airline baggage mishaps.

Laptops, tablets and other gear are quickly retrieved from a holding point at the front of the Bluesmart making it easier to clear security checks at airports.

Another interesting feature is that the Bluesmart app can track your travel habits and distances covered. Information you will get from this include airports used, miles travelled and time spent in each location.

Now, the Bluesmart is not all about fancy tech either. It actually functions as a case with 34 liter capacity inner space. This suitcase has 4 spinner wheels, anodized aluminium handle, waterproof zipper and is expected to weigh just over 8 pounds.

The idea of the Bluesmart is apparently catching on like wildfire exceeding the original $50,000 funds requested by the creators to now stand at a whopping $304,000 worth of pledges on Indiegogo with just 33 days to the end of the funds campaign.

The Bluesmart like other high-end suitcase is expected to retail for $265 (about 165, AU$302). With all the features and convenience to the carrier, this suitcase will truly be a travelers dream come true.


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