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Local food

USA is a big country with a multitude of local cultures. With fifty different states, there are clear differences from region to region when it comes to eating specialty foods. When you travel to a specific region, you can taste the unique food that represents it. The differences are so big that a California native may have problems eating a garbage plate from New York. The same can happen to a New Yorker who tries to eat reindeer meat. The best way to experience this difference on your own is to go on a road trip across the country. If you know some of these strange foods and ask you the natives for them, they will consider you one of their own. These are ten of the strangest local foods in the USA:

1.Garbage Plate (New York)

This is a delicacy in New York, containing French fries, home fries, macaroni salad, baked beans and a combination of meats like the ones found in hot dogs or cheeseburgers. Hot sauce is added, with onions and mustard.

2.Reindeer Hot dog (Alaska)

In Alaska, a reindeer is something common and the reindeer hot dog is the unique specialty based on this exotic type of meat. There is no difference compared to a normal hot dog except the meat.

3.Food Drunk (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Food Drunk is a combination of a regular cheeseburger and a king cake bun. It originates from a New Year celebration in 2014, when a food truck named Food Drunk used this cheeseburger upgrade for the first time. The food seems to be ideal in New Orleans after you had too much to drink.

4.Hot Beef Sundae (Iowa)

Sundae is an ice cream desert and cattle are grown a lot in Iowa. The concepts behind these two types of foods can be combined to form a delicacy that is called hot beef sundae: mashed potatoes with beef on top and sprinkled with shredded cheese. People with high cholesterol and other health problems should consume this food in moderation. It is enough for a traveler to taste it.

5. Frybread Tacos (Western part of USA)

Frybread tacos are like ordinary tacos, with the difference that they include cheese, beef and lettuce. Instead of the usual shell, a flourbread that contains sugar and lard is used. This food is characteristic to Native Americans from the Southwestern part of the United States.

6.Hoagie Dip (Philadelphia)

The hoagie dip of Philadelphia is also known as grinder, hero or sub. This is a dip that contains the following ingredients in hollowed roll: turkey, ham, onions, olive oil, mayonnaise, provolone cheese and peppers.

7.Rocky Mountain Oysters (Western part of USA)

This food is actually made of deep fried testicles of bulls. The Western part of the USA is known for its herds, as agriculture is the main way of living in this region. People in the area say that the food is able to improve the potency of men.

8.Hemp Mil Latte (Washington)

This drink is one of the preferred local drinks, but it is consumed in moderation. Washington is actually one of the first states to make recreational marijuana legal and this is surely not a coincidence.

9. Heady Topper Beer (Vermont)

Beer has a long history in Vermont. Heady topper beer is a type of ale that is flavored with pine and grapefruit. It is produced by The Alchemist and is known as one of the best beers that you can drink, having an entire culture developed around it.

10. Local cuisine (Hawaii)

Hawaii actually has many unique foods, so it can be hard to select a particular dish. Maybe the most popular are these three: Mahi Mahi, Ahi and macadamia.

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