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It is so disgusting to wake up with dark and wrinkly bags under your eyes in the morning. It is also known as dark circles which are caused by the discoloration of the skin under your eyes. The skin under your eyes is four times thinner than the skin on other parts of your face. The main causes of dark circles include insufficient sleep, fatigue, aging, prolonged dry skin, mental and physical stress, unhealthy diet, prolonged crying and working for many hours on your computer.

Dark circles affect both women and men of different age groups. Although dark circles have been considered to be a less severe skin problem, they can occur due to signs of underlying health problems such as water retention, poor metabolism, kidney problem or anemia. Moreover, it can appear in some seasons due to allergies, and they make you appear older, exhausted and unhealthy. Besides, Dark circles can be easily removed by using some of the available and easy home remedies. Here are awesome natural tips to wipe away under-eye circles.

#1: Sliced Cucumber

Cucumber has been used immensely in clinch movies scenes and has been proven that its slices help in removing the under-eye circles on your eyes. Cucumber has mild astringent and skin lightening properties that will help fix the dark circles problem. Besides, the water content in slices of a cold cucumber constricts your blood vessels hence temporarily reduces the puffy bags under your eyes. Cucumber also has a soothing and a refreshing effect.

#2: Potatoes

Potatoes have natural bleaching agents that help in lightening dark circles and reduce puffiness around your eyes. You cut a cold potato into slices and place it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes, and it will reduce puffiness and lighten the dark circles.

#3: Milk

Using cold milk regularly decreases the under-eye circles and soothes both your eyes and skin. You can achieve good results by taking a cotton ball or a pad and soak it in cold milk then squeeze the excess milk and place it on your eyes for about twenty minutes. You can then wash your eyes with water, and your under-eye circles will have been removed. Using cold milk has been considered to be the most efficient remedy.

#4: Tea Bags

A cold tea bag is a simple technique that is essential in getting rid of under-eye circles. You are expected to soak a tea bag preferably green tea or chamomile bag in warm water and then refrigerate for about ten minutes. Place them over your eyes for some minutes and then rinse them. The regular use of this remedy gives a considerable difference

#5: Egg White

You apply a scrambled egg white on your eyes using a brush which will cause a tingling sensation while it dries up. Leave the mush on your eyes for about twenty minutes then rinse our eyes with cold water and you will get amazing results.

#6: Ice Cubes 

Ice cubes help in removing dark circles under the eyes, and it has been considered to be the fastest way to reduce puffiness and dark circles in your eyes. It is essential to prepare chamomile or green tea ice cubes because chamomile contains calming properties that will tone your skin. You massage your eyes with ice cubes for some minutes and the give your skin some time to rest and repeat the process again gently.

#7: Almond Oil

Almond oil is a natural ingredient that has great benefits for the skin around your eyes. Massage almond oil under your eyes regularly because it reduces the appearance of dark circles and fades the under-eye circles. It also contains vitamin E that contributes to the elimination of dark circles under your eyes. The key to having long term health for the skin under your eyes include having a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet that has vitamin B12 and K.

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