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Uses for tablets and iPhones

Once you have gotten the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone that you have been waiting for, only one problem remains: what are you going to do with your previous tablet or smartphone? You could leave it in your closet, give it out to a friend or sell it off – or you can try out any of the ideas below:

1. Digital frame
You have thousands of images already stored on your previous phone. Instead of taking them off them, you can transform the unneeded device to a digital frame. Just get the app Digital Photo Frame or “Dayframe” for your Android gadget or “Picmatic” for any iPad device. These apps can easily utilize images from your social media account or a camera roll and get them displayed in rotation, all day long

2. Home Security
With the assistance of a downloadable app and an Internet connection, your previous phone can be utilized as a security system for your home. “Salient Eye” (for Android) and “Manything” (for Apple) are the 2 applications which will allow you to utilize your smartphone as a security camera, it is perfect for monitoring your valuables, kids and pets while you are at work.

3. As a Universal remote
Did you know that a smartphone could be represent a universal remote control? If your Blu-ray player or Tv is Internet capable, then it can! Many of the current models of these smartphones come with some free applications that allows you to control your Tv through the Wi-Fi connection in your home.
In Addition, the application “Remote Mouse” allows you to control your laptop or computer from your android gadget.

4. Maps and Music
Instead of taking your new gadget in and out of your car daily, you can utilize your previous smartphone device as a music player in your car. Some new model cars now offer a simple Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone docking station, which will allow you to update your music library from cloud whenever your car’s in your home’s driveway. In addition, your music gadget can also act as a GPS. Applications like the “Waze” enables you to navigate effortlessly to anywhere in the country,likewise giving you real-time traffic updates.

5. As an Alarm clock
. A smartphone can be utilized as a next-generation alarm clock with their software pre-installed in the gadget. Should you have some loose time on your hands and do not need to get up for work, an application like “Sleepbot” will help track your sleep cycle and wake you up only once you’ve had enough!

6. As an E-reader
if you like reading e-books, don’t give out your old gadget. Instead of getting a special device, what you need to do is to download “Kindle” app and you will be able to start downloading and reading e-books from iTunes, Amazon store or Google Play. There are many online libraries which will allow you to rent their books for your e-reader at a low rate.

7. Toys
Kids like tablets; they are a proven solution for noisy, the rowdy small ones that you need to calm down for a little while on the sofa. Downloading a few applications and changing some of the privacy settings on your previous gadget will enable you to create an awesome pastime for the children in your life. Both Android application and Apple app store will allow you to restrict the kind of material that can be downloaded onto your device. Also, apps such as “Famigo” lock some aspects of a smartphone , making it appropriate kids.
It doesn’t matter what you have planed to do with your previous gadget, ensure to erase all your data before you transfer it to another person.

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