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Positive thoughts

It’s New Year and many people enthusiastically set new goals and resolutions but most end up giving up on their goals within a few days’, weeks’ or months’ time. There are even some people who find it difficult setting goals for themselves because they cannot stop bad habits or because of the negative thoughts they harbor.
Setting goals and achieving them are two different entities, where achieving goals is the harder of the two. So if you have some goals in life, here are some tips you can use to achieve them in the near future.

1. Happiness induces success
Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the day you achieve your ideal weight, career or any other goal is the key to your experiencing inner peace and happiness. No way is the day you achieve your goal the first day of complete happiness in your life because that day of complete happiness is TODAY.
Instead of wasting time and assuming that the key to achieving a particular goal will give you absolute fulfillment, you need to find that fulfillment today and use that power to fulfill your goal-oriented mission. Remember that success does not give happiness, it is happiness which brings in success.
Focusing and being thankful of all the luck and abundance you have today, generates positive thinking and attitude which in turn increases the chances of your reaching your goals. So don’t commit the mistake of associating your goal with unrealistic expectations.

2. You deserve it
To many, it is the negative thoughts like, “That could never happen to me” and their low self-confidence levels which prevents them from reaching out to their secret dreams and goals. If this relates to you, it’s time you change your thinking and say, “Why NOT me?!’
You are equally capable to achieving success as anyone else is. You just have to gather all your courage so that you can go on and realize whatever your new goal may be. You need to tell yourself that you can reach your goals as you have what it takes to do so and just stop questioning your abilities and values.

3. Failure is nothing
Just think, if there was no such thing called failure would you be able to reach whatever goals you set? Imagine how you would react and what you will do, and apply this feeling and thinking to the goals you’d set.
Doesn’t this seem a simple but powerful idea where there is no failure, only criticism? Growing and learning is a continual process and what you consider a failure may actually be an opportunity for you to gain some insight and information to try again.

4. 100% commitment
No matter what is your goal; be it related to your career, health, or love, don’t waste time and energy letting that small part of your mind filled with fear, indecision and doubt tempt you into giving up or feeling afraid. Just give your decision to change or achieve something your 100% commitment! (Unless of course you decide that for the right reasons, it’s no longer what you want)

5. You are in the right place
Many people hesitate from moving forward on their journey to success as they’ve convinced themselves they don’t have the skills for success. This is just fear thinking as you need not be a Harvard graduate, millionaire or workforce veteran to reach your goals. The road to your goal may be hard, but this does not mean you should stop trying to reach it!

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