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The outdoor moments have always been magical starting from the pine scent in the forest, a field of colorful flowers or at sunset enjoying the salty ocean air on the beach. The beauty of nature is appreciated by every individual and not poets or artists alone. Nowadays, many people rarely enjoy the beauty of nature because they are busy at work, spend most of their time on their a computer screen or are busy with their everyday chores which are not very good.

Research has shown that spending time enjoying the beauty of nature has many positive effects on both your physical and mental health. Hence, here are essential proves that spending more time outdoors is beneficial to you.

#1: You are Alive

The study that sought to analyze emotions which are caused by subjects that spent their time in nature proved that looking at pictures of nature increases the feelings of vitality and energy in an individual.

#2: Nature vs. Stress

A separate study was conducted on subjects who were shown disturbing videos and then showed videos of urban and natural scenes. The results demonstrated that the subjects that saw natural scenes that include rural and pastoral ones recovered faster emotionally from the stressful situation they were subjected to than those who viewed the urban scenes. Enjoying the beauty of nature has been proven to be an essential natural relaxant.

#3: Work-Out Outdoors

Engaging in exercises outdoor is an extra mood booster because exercise has always been proven to be beneficial. Studies have shown that the outdoor workouts help in improving the moods and self-esteem of the participants within a short time.

#4: Focus

Research that was conducted shows that people can concentrate better when they are outdoors as compared to being indoors. A certain study that was done on children with ADHD found that the children registered improved focus on the tasks after having a 20-minute walk in nature as compared to those who took a walk in an urban environment.

#5: Mental Health is Green

A certain study that followed subjects for five years after which some are moved to a rural setting that is surrounded by nature and others are moved to an urban setting. It clearly depicted that a green space increased the sense of total well being of the participants.

#6: Immunity

Nature has always inspired amazement and awe that has been linked scientifically to the lower levels of cytokines in an individual’s body. The cytokine is a compound that causes the inflammation of organs and tissues in an individual’s body.

#7: Longer Life

The Japanese seniors were studied for five years by researchers, and they found that the older people that live near green spaces and parks depicted a less risk of mortality.

#8: Bring Nature Indoors

Nowadays people residing in the metropolis and want to enjoy the benefits attributed to nature have resorted to bringing their outdoors to their inside by bringing a bunch of greenery and plants. Moreover, a study that was conducted in a hospital showed that patients recovering from surgery in a room with plants depicted lower anxiety, pain levels, lower heart rate and a lower blood pressure as compared to patients in rooms with no plants.

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