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Save Money and Energy with These Easy Tips and Tricks

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Saving money

Utilities of your home can be some of your priciest bills you can have each month, especially during the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. When you add more and more electronics on top of that, you are just making a bad situation worse, it seems. Everything that gets plugged into an outlet can take its own toll on your electric bill. Why allow yourself this kind of stress when there are a number of ways to keep your electric bill from skyrocketing prices? Why spend each month dreading the appearance of your electric bill? By following the tips below, you can work towards lower electricity usage and lower amounts due to your electric company.

1. When you or your family isn’t in a particular room during any part of the day, you should make sure that the windows and door are shut properly. This will help in keeping your electricity running to cool or heat these rooms because these rooms are working on their insulated heat or refrigeration without needing a constant input from your heating or cooling system.

2. Laundry can be a high costing area, not only for your electric bill, but your water as well. When it comes time to wash your clothes, only do so when you have full loads. By washing full loads, you’re lessening the number of loads you’ll need to do as well as the amount of electricity you’ll need to get your laundry clean. Also, you should wash your clothes at a lower temperature if possible. Most clothes and sheets can be washed on the cold cycle due to specially made detergents that release their cleaning materials in cold temperatures.

3. Just as the washing machine can drain your electricity, so too can your dryer. Your dryer is a huge source of electricity usage each month, especially when you depend on it for all of your clothes and their drying needs. If you can, you should hang your clothing up on a clothesline or drape your clothing along your tub’s rim and allow them to air-dry, saving yourself some extra expense. Plus if you dry them outside, you’ll get that nice outdoorsy smell of freshness.

4. The clothes dryer can also suck more of your money into your electric bill if you don’t take the time to properly maintain your dryer. This includes removing the lint in the lint trap after each and each cycle of drying you complete. Allowing it to buildup can lead to less dry clothes, longer drying times, and even a potential fire.

5. You’ve heard people mention that unused appliances should be unplugged when they aren’t in use. It may seem weird to hear because since they aren’t being used, you would think they aren’t drawing power. However, it’s just the opposite. Even with the appliances and electronics turned off, they can still draw power from the outlet because their circuit is complete and open.

6. Keeping rooms dark with curtains can work wonders on your electric bill since curtains can help in keeping both hot and cold out of a room by trapping the air next to the window. Though they won’t stop all air leaks, they can slow them down and keep the room either warmer or cooler depending on the temperature of the room.

7. When you’re running the air conditioner or the heater, you’ll recall your mother’s words about not heating or cooling the outside. Well, that still holds true especially on the hottest and coldest days when your systems will be working as hard as possible to keep up. To help them along, keep all windows and exterior doors shut so that the air you want will stay inside.

8. If you don’t own an energy-efficient toilet, you can be flushing extra money right along with everything else down the toilet. In order to keep this from happening with an inexpensive fix, you can take a soda bottle filled with water or a heavy material, such as marbles, and place it inside the reservoir tank so the toilet will use less water with each flush.

9. We all love a good soak in the tub from time to time, but this can be an area where you’re wasting more than you think. If you’re wanting to save money on both your electric and water bills, you might consider taking showers each day instead of baths. Showers can save you at least four times as much water as baths. If you must have a bath, try and do only once a week to save some money.

10. Food can also cost you in cooling and heating costs especially when you have it stored in the freezer. You should keep your freezer as full as possible with a proper stacking to keep your foods frozen without worrying about wasted space and extra cooling costs.

11. If you have leftovers or frozen foods that can use the microwave, then use the microwave. The oven takes longer to heat up and to maintain that heat than if you simply placed the food in the microwave and zapped it. Microwaves use a different version of heating that takes considerably less time and less energy to have the same effects of an oven.

12. Another kitchen appliance you should consider how you’re using is the dishwasher. With all of its bells and whistles, you can find yourself with some hefty electric costs. If you want to use this convenient appliance (who doesn’t really), then you should only use the washing cycles of the dishwasher without using the heated dry function. Your dishes will dry naturally within a couple of hours without any assistance from the heated air function.

13. When it’s time to think about dinner, you might be considering something that involves thawing a frozen item. Thawing can be done in a number of ways, but the most efficient is by allowing the frozen item to thaw at room temperature. You’ll have to keep an eye on it though so it doesn’t thaw and then spoil for sitting out too long. By thawing the frozen item this way, you can save yourself some time prepping and cooking the food, which will save you time, energy, and money.

By following these tips, you can see some dramatic changes in your heating and cooling costs each month. You may even come to the point of not minding the arrival of your monthly electric bill.

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