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Everyone who’s lost some significant amount of weight can relate to this wonderful feeling: waking up one morning, trying on those skinny jeans they’ve kept stored at the back of your closet for just this single day and, lo and behold, they are a perfect fit! At this point, any successful dieter’s first instinct would be going out and buying all sorts of clothes which look great on their newly svelte figure and then dumping all the bigger stuff. However, keeping one or just a few pairs of those old, larger-size dresses or pants can be very beneficial!

After losing a lot of weight, most people tend to get rid of their fat clothes because after all they do not intend to go back to their previous sizes. Keeping some of your older clothes will stop you from sliding back into your older eating habits. This denial actually does work against most people making it easier for them to fall back to older bad habits and hence gaining back the weight they had lost. By purging all the fat clothes, you will be denying the fact that you were once overweight.

This is because you will be eliminating traces of your older self and in this way denying the struggle you had to go through and conquer. After getting to your ideal weight, it will be very easy to slide back into your old eating habits.

Gregg McBride, after losing 250 pounds and kept his fat clothes, narrates his experience in Psychology Today. In his article, he suggests that those big clothes are trophies of whatever you had accomplished. He advises that you should not throw all these clothes away: Instead, he suggests that you not only accept your past, but also embrace it. Keep them as part of who you’re — keep them as a gold medal ribbon indicating that you are a thriver and not just a survivor.

Once you fit into your skinny jeans, your big boy or girl, pants should be left to sit in the closet, forgotten and pushed aside as a nasty reminder of the fact that you were once very heavy, unhealthy, felt unsightly and had very little self-control. Keep those big pants as a happy reminder that they used to fit you and now they do not because they fall down to your ankles. Celebrate them.

Keep them in a beautiful box with a big colorful ribbon and give them the honor of an old friend that was there when you required them most. Each time you see them, you will remember how hard you had to work to get to wherever you are. This reminder just may keep you from eating an extra slice of cake.

Well, this is a great approach because it helps to change your habits and attitude around food that could result in you gaining weight. It helps you clean them up so that you stand a chance of keeping the weight down once you have lost it. Above all, get support. In the long run, no one can do it alone. Getting your weight off is easy enough; you’re pumped with adrenaline, with a lot of hope for a better, skinnier future, but end up falling back to that dark past! Getting some support will not only keep you from falling into the low-calorie trap, it will also keep that weight down after you have lost it.

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