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Tea is scrumptious, healthy and, in all cases, cheap. Be that as it may, there are such a large number of sorts of tea, everyone with its particular flavors, fixings, and properties, that it can regularly be perplexing to know which to pick. Tea refers to a name given to a collection of brews.

However, purists consider just Pu-Erh tea, green tea, white tea, dark tea and oolong tea, the genuine tea. Certain teas have appeared to have extremely positive health advantages, so here is a breakdown of which tea to drink for whatever troubles you:

1. Stomachache
On the off chance that your stomach gets upset, drink chamomile tea, known for its unwinding and calming properties.

2. Mind Drain
At the point when you are feeling exhausted or sleepy, drink a glass of peppermint tea it will give you a help of clean vitality and sharpen your senses rapidly.

3. Migraine (Headache)
Cinnamon tea contains supplements like manganese and iron, which can reduce cerebral pain symptoms.

4. Nausea
Ginger tea is an approved cure for a broad range of upset stomach and queasiness issues. It is an attempted and genuine mystery of seamen all around.

5. Sore Throat
Lemon tea with a touch of nectar can eradicate bodily fluids like mucus that might be working up in your throat.

6. Sleeping Disorders
Passionflower tea has fragile typical narcotic forces that are a remedy for insomnia.

7. Cough
A cough can be relieved by thyme tea, which will go about as a sedative for your bronchial tubes and alleviate the symptoms of coughing.

8. Weight Gain
For those battling with weight gain, Pu-Erh tea has a solution to your problem. Pu-Erh tea is associated with reducing weight gain as well as reducing LDL cholesterol. Pu-erh tea is produced using fermented and aged tea leaves. .A researcher demonstrated that animals given Pu-Erh tea did not experience weight gain complication. Oolong tea is the other tea variety associated with lowering the cholesterol level. In a research study, animals injected with extracts from this tea variety had low weight gain complications. Wuyi a variety of oolong tea is vigorously promoted as a supplement for people with weight gain issues, but science has not upheld the claims.

9. Cancer
White tea has been the best tea for cancer patients. One study demonstrated that this tea variety has the strongest anticancer properties contrasted with more processed tea. The other tea variety associated with cancer treatment is Rooibos (red tea). Rooibos is commonly dubbed as a South African herb that is aged. Despite the fact that it has flavanoids with cancer battling properties, medicinal studies have been constrained

10. Common Cold
Echinacea tea variety is the right tea to pick for the patients of the common cold. Echinacea tea is often touted as an approach to battle the common cold, the exploration on Echinacea has been uncertain.

11. Blood Pressure
A little study observed that drinking some hibiscus tea every day brought down blood pressure in individuals with humbly raised levels.

Let’s be clear; tea is not medicine. For acute symptoms, counsel a medical practitioner.

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