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Anyone who regularly eats garlic has sometimes watched it turn moldy and sprouty after few weeks on the kitchen counter.

You can store food in small amounts easily, but larger quantities can be tricky in today’s energy efficient homes. Onions can last longer in dark, cold and dry place.

Storing Foods-An Important Note

You can easily store small amounts of food, but if it’s in larger quantities then you need to take some precautions. Small amount of things such as roots, greens, and tubers can be easily stored in refrigerators, but garlic and onions should always be stored on a counter top. When trying to determine the best place to store a box of produce, a good way to start is by monitoring the temperature inside your house. Get few thermometers and place them in hallways, closets, and places that are dark and have mostly even temperature. Chart out those temperatures through winter season before you get too serious about storing food.

Storage Conditions

A cool and dark place just above the freezing point (with little humidity) is perfect. Common areas that work well are a garage, a basement, a dark and cool closet or kitchen cupboard close to the floor or a root cellar.

How to Pack Them

You should store onions that are properly cured and mature. Curing will help them set their skins. Never store garlic or onions that are sliced, nicked, or bruised. It’s beat to eat those first. Place garlic and onions in separate mesh bags or a waxed box or clean and dry wooden bin. Don’t wash your garlic or onions before you store them. Keep them very dry.

In storage, you should often check and cull them to make sure the garlic and onions are not sprouting or developing soft spots. Remove and eat damaged bulbs.


• Brown paper bags
• A hole puncher
• Paper clips


• Punch several holes in each paper bag as these holes aid ventilation.

• Fill each of these bags halfway with onions, garlic or veggies. Fold the top and clip the top shut using few paper clips.

This technique will make garlic, onions and potatoes last much longer. You can even put these paper bags in a cabinet or keep them outdoors in your kitchen. Results may vary depending upon the humidity, temperature, and light conditions where you place the bags.

Some tips:

• Never store your onions in a plastic bag. Insufficient air circulation may promote spoilage.

• Onions should never be stored in a refrigerator, as cold temperature will soften them and spread their flavor to nearby foods. Instead, choose a cool, dark and dry place.

• Do not store onions close to potatoes or garlic as they emit gases that may disturb one another.

How Long They Last

Usually bulbs stored in cool, dark and dry place, at an even temperature will last for few weeks or months. Once they start growing or softening compost the bulbs. You can eat the leaves that grow o your garlic or onions.

Other Useful Tips

Try to keep your storage temperature even, as fluctuating temperatures encourage sprouting, and or rotting.

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