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International mcdonalds menu

While the giant franchise seems to be suffocating from increased competition in the US, it still holds a fairly strong footing in other parts of the world. The rise in popularity of a number of new fast food chains such as Chipotle and Shake Shack has greatly dented the chain’s income. This has made the chain adopt unconventional methods to retain its customers.

A little known fact about the popular franchise is that it gives all its international menus a touch of the local foods. This is mainly intended to cater to every customer’s tastes and preferences.

The following is a roundup of the chains most unusual international menus by country.

The Malaysian McDonalds menu features an item known as the Bubur Ayam. This is Malaysian version of the Chinese chicken congee. The bubur ayam is a favorite among the Malaysian people especially at breakfast. This dish is usually transported on carts and sold by vendors on the streets of Malaysia. The main ingredients of bubur ayam are shallots, chili, ginger, porridge, and pieces of shredded chicken. The McDonalds franchise took advantage of the popularity of this dish in Malaysia and created its own version. Just like the traditional Malaysian bubur ayam, theirs is mostly served during breakfast.

The McArabia
This is basically a chicken burger with folded pita as an alternative to the traditional hamburger buns. Just like the ordinary burgers, the McArabia is mainly served in the middle of the day and later in the afternoon. This McDonalds “burger” is offered in Egypt and other Arab countries.

The Germany McDonalds offers its customers the McCurrywurst. The McCurrywurst is a modified version of the popular German sausage; the Wurst, sprinkled with curry.

Indian McDonanlds do not offer any meat or meat products. This is deliberately set that way in order to accommodate the country’s population of vegetarian Hindus. To compensate for this, McDonalds in India offer a delicacy known as the McVeggie. This is a combination of the Spicy Paneer Wrap and spicy vegetables. McDonalds have provided a twist to the traditional Indian dish, the McVeggie features deep fried paneer cheese, tortilla with vegetables.
This popular vegetarian food occupies a prominent spot on the Indian McDonalds’ menu.

Even though the Japanese McDonalds does not offer sushi on its menu, a number of local tastes and flavors are well represented. These include the McTeriyaki burger, the fried shrimp patty burgers, and the green tea McFlurry.

The Mexican McDonalds features the modified Mexican delicacy, McMollete, on its menu. The McMollete is simply a trimmed down version of one of the most popular Mexican breakfasts. This dish includes salsa, refried beans, and cheese.

New Zealand
McDonalds New Zealand acquired a fast food chain in New Zealand back in the seventies. Georgie Pie, as the chain was known, offered signature pies in its menus. When McDonalds bought the chain, it introduced Georgie Pie’s signature pies into its own New Zealand menu. Some of these pies come with filling such as vegetable/chicken, blackberry/apple, and minced steak.

Italian pizza features prominently on the Italian McDonald’s menu. McDonalds included the Pizzarotto in its Italian offer in a bid to compete with local Pizzerias. The Pizzarotto is basically a dough pocket that’s filled with mozzarella and tomatoes.

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