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In dating and sex alike, both the man and the woman constantly tries to one up the other. When a guy tries in making a pass at a particular lady, she would ask him to take the garbage out which then he would do. The woman would tell the guy that she wants him to do the task that she knows he hates over and over again. The guy would then stop doing what she keeps on asking which would lead to the woman withholding EVERYTHING else from him just because of that one instance that he refused. This means that the woman gets the upper hand and thinks she has the right to deny you with sex because you did not grant her little favor. 

The man would then do everything in his power to get back the lady and get her to act like before. This scenario is actually very common wherein the lady gets what she want the man does. This is backed up by our evolutionary process as men and women because women or the female species have been responsible for the selection and evaluation of their potential mates and this has been the norm for hundreds of years now. 

This is the primary reason why men try and compete with one another because they want the nod or approval of a lady. You can just imagine a scene from the cavemen era wherein everyone that is sitting around the campfire tries to make the better or possibly the best stone ax all of this just so the cave lady would let him cuddle with her on her bearskin blanket at night. Yes, you might think that is preposterous but it is backed upon scientific evidence and this is how it has been working for millions of years already. 

Fast forward to the present day, the same instincts are underlying from the way that a lady want his man to have the nicest car or house on the block or even let the man do something extravagant first before deciding that she wants to have sex with him. She would say that she expects these sort of things from you because she would want to know if you really love or respect her and value her as a woman but it is actually evolution that is talking and directing her the whole time. 

If you wonder why it is so hard for a man and a woman to want the same thing, then you are not alone. And yes, even if we all know that both sexes like sex as much as the other, it could still be a struggle for it to happen. A guy could only hope to shoot for the stars. 

There is actually not a lot of options but rather accept the fact that guys have to satisfy and please their women until they die. If they want the easier way out, try switching teams and be gay but if you want to know how to snatch up a 10 out of 10 lady, you need to learn the refreshing and mind blowing tricks that Richard La Ruinas have compiled for guys that are in desperate need of help. These tricks would make you learn and understand the science and psychology behind how to turn the tables around evolution! 

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