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Researchers discovered in a study conducted in the year 2008,that hospital patients who had plants in their rooms reported less pain and stress compared to those who lacked plants in their rooms. There is no need for fear that you could end up killing any of your indoor plants regardless of how busy you are or the extent to which you travel. This is because there are a number of houseplants that are more than easier to care despite your tight schedule. Some of these houseplants include:

1. English Ivy
As studies have revealed, the English Ivy is one of the best air-purifying plants available. Care must however be taken when planting this plant owing to its highly invasive nature that makes it to quickly colonize any a outdoor space available in its surrounding. Having it potted inside your house is a wise idea which helps you control its growth. English Ivy grows optimally in an environment with moderate temperatures and medium sunlight.

2. Aloe Vera
This is a very versatile and strong houseplant that will grow to the size of the pot it’s planted. In addition to the beauty it confers to your place through cool looks, aloevera has anti-inflammatory effect on your skin when administered topically. It can also be incorporated in a shake for detoxifying power and some added vitamins. Warm and sunny places are ideal for the growth of Aloe Vera.

3. Rubber Tree
These ones are extremely easy to grow and sunlight is not even a necessity. They are excellent air purifiers that have the capacity to clean up any undesirable odors and toxins present in the air that circulates in your living room.

4. Bamboo Palm
It is good to know that NASA has categorize bamboo palm as one of the strongest air purifying plants in the world list. Bamboo palm does not require intensive care and with frequent and adequate watering,the tree thrives well. Direct light should be avoided as bamboo palm is known do better in an environment with indirect sunlight.

5. Peace Lily
Killing this lovely plant is next door to impossibility. The peace lily blossoms beautiful flowers that are white in color and has the capacity to grow to the full size of the pot in which it’s grown. Shaded environment with cooler temperatures will surely go well with the peace lily.

6. The Snake Plant
The snake plant is another houseplant that is simple and easy to raise. Even with minimal water and light supply,the snake plant flourishes and grows well. Not even the act of placing it in the darkest corner of house will deter their growth. They will grow there with vigor all the while taking in carbon dioxide and at night give off oxygen that is perfect for the room.

7. Philodendron
Philodendron are of many different kinds,each bearing its own distinctive look. These houseplants are very popular for good reason: They are extremely easy to grow and will absorb dangerous toxins like formaldehyde which is present in many home-building materials. Philodendron are known to grow well in an environment with moderate water supply and sunlight.

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