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Every country that you travel to, you will find unique foods that the locals cannot do without. There are national dishes as well as drinks. What stands out, however, are the unwritten rules that seem to govern the way people behave when having their meals. Though these rules are not binding in any way, it is amazing how they dictate the level of politeness when it comes to eating and drinking. Here are some that you probably never knew about.

1. If you suggest a dinner plan in Italy, you are the one who will pay for it. Watch out not to be caught flat-footed in the company of your mates when you start throwing suggestions around.

2. For waiters, taking an order and serving the meal are two distinct jobs. Do not expect the waiter that takes your order to be the same one that serves you. Even when there is a delay, do not start asking after the one that took your order.

1. One of the things that strictly dictate dining etiquette in Japan is their rich culture. It is considered a sign of very bad luck if you point chopsticks at anyone. It can easily lead you into trouble.

2. You might not believe this but in this great country, the proper way of eating soup and noodles is by slurping them.

3. Do not rush to tip the waiter who just served you a delicious meal. In this region, tipping is a very unusual habit.

1. When you want to show that you are thankful to the waiter, just tap two fingers on the dinner table.

2. There is no meal that is not served without tea in this region. Do not wonder aloud when they keep placing a tea mug on your table every time you want to take a meal.

3. If you order fish, it will be served whole. You, however, should not turn it over on the place because people consider it as a bad omen in China. Just take the side that is facing up and leave it at that.

4. The Chinese do not play with food. For instance, it is considered a great offense if you linger on the scraps on your plate.

1. Forget about forks, knives and spoons in India because traditionally, people eat with their hand. Even so, you should only eat with your right hand. Being spotted eating with the left hand will raise eyebrows because it is the one they use to clean ones rare end.

2. Once food has been served on your plate, it is considered unclean. Desist from the behavior of offering it to others even when you have had your fill. You might just end up offending someone while thinking that you are being good to them.

As you can see, some dining etiquette might just be totally different from what you are used to. It is good to know about it so as to avoid any problems especially if you like travelling to various parts of the world and dining in different types of hotels.

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