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Death is inevitable hence people always write wills and plans on the fate of their assets. The will involves some arrangement on what to do with the worldly goods such as financial assets, personal effects, properties and estates. However, the question still remains: what about your digital footprint?

How will you your online account be managed and who among your family members will execute the related activities on your behalf? Some available networking websites have essential tools that deal with death. Besides, there are available third parties services that can help you plan what is going to happen to your accounts when you die.

Moreover, you need to specify what you would like to be done to your online photos, accounts and documents. Issues such as ownership of a website which earns money, Airbnb and eBay account and other online accounts require clear answers, and you are the only person that has the discretion to decide who to manage on your behalf. This helps in ensuring that the default measures on the individual websites will not give unbearable costs. Moreover, they could end up costing your family a lot of money and subject them to unnecessary stress.

A fundamental way is to ensure that you have appointed executors that will access all your digital accounts using service like the LastPass. LastPass helps in managing all your passwords on daily basis while you are still alive. When you are a user of LastPass, you are able to share any number or all your passwords with another user easily. However, shared passwords can either be visible or invisible. The other user can either be your child, business associate, brother or your spouse.

Moreover, you can limit their access such that they will only be able to access them when you will no longer be in a position to manage your own affairs and you can also allow LastPass to manage on your behalf. It is also easy to share passwords on LastPass such that you get to your LastPass Vault and search for the particular detail. You can then click on the share icon on your right hand side then enter the recipients email address.

LastPass has been considered to solve all your password problems which will help saving time that you would have spent writing, resetting and remembering passwords. You will only have to remember a master password, and the other passwords will be locked up and easily available on LastPass password manager. Moreover, you can access your all your passwords on LastPass anywhere and conveniently due to the automatic sync element on all browsers and devices.

Furthermore, you can create a new email account which you will give the username and password to your appointed executor before you die and it will act like a will. LastPass can share all the information about your digital accounts with that email address when you have created a LastPass account using the same email address. Moreover, your appointed executor can even email your postmortem instructions to prove your death so that they can get access to your digital accounts and manage them on your behalf.

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