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If you have been believing that staying on a treadmill for an hour or so can help you shed excess calories then you are wrong. There is a better way of working on your problem. This is because the exercises on the treadmill are slow and surely end up yielding no fruits at the end of the day.

Is burning more calories and dealing with stubborn fats on your body your goal? High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a sure way of dealing with your problems. This is a method deemed to be next generation and a simpler way of achieving results in the long run.

The whole idea is built on the basis of raising the rate at which your heart works within a short while. This facilitates unmatched buildup of muscle within a short time given the fact that metabolism also increases during such time. This process does not just stop after the exercise. It goes on even during the times that you are at rest and up to a day later.

There exist three different types of the HIIT workouts that you can undertake. However, you are advised to ensure that you have a warm up followed by a comfortable cooldown before you conduct each of them and thereafter. It provides an awesome versatility as you can substitute those slow workouts that you are used to in the treadmill with one of the methods described below. Additionally, they promise prompt results. Read the suggested procedures in the three workouts involved in HIIT that I have described below.

Workout Number 1

1. Take a 45 seconds sprint

2. Take another 15 seconds to recover.
3. Sprint and recover as instructed in the above steps thrice.

4. Have a 20 minutes run but at half the speed you sprinted with.
5. Repeat the first two steps but this time at an extremely high speed- that which makes you feel your lungs are bursting.

Workout Number 2

1. Take a 30 seconds sprint but ensure it is at low resistance.

2. Have 60 seconds to recover thereafter
3. Follow up the recovery with a high resistance sprint. This one should last 30 seconds.

4. 60 seconds of low resistance recovery should follow.
5. You can repeat the first and fourth step nine times.

Workout Number 3

1. Perform 45 second squats.
2. Follow them up with 15 seconds of squat jumps.
3. Take 60 seconds to complete a few push-ups.
4. A 60 seconds plank should follow
5. A rope jumping for 60 seconds should follow.
6. Recover and this should take you 60 seconds
7. Step one and six should be repeated five times.

However, it is notable that this workout method has proven to be so cumbersome to newbies than those who are used to it. Who worries anyway when what seemed a curse at the beginning turns blessing at the end? You would rather go for this method than go for a time wasting exercise that bears much less fruit.

Do not fear to try because your calorie-burning exercise is a choice away. Choose the High-Intensity Interval Training and get the fastest results delivered. You can shed a lot of weight by spending less time and getting matters straight within that very short time. Good luck!

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