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Long life

It was observed that half a million of people in England and Wales in 2012 were above ninety years old. In Japan for every 100, 000 people 1,197 were above 90 in the same year. Are there any reasons as to why they live this long? What do we learn from these people’s lifestyle?

The following are ways of lengthening your life. The people of Ikaria practice them and one day Ikaria islands were described as islands where people forget dying by the New York Times.

1. Take a few naps daily

According to a study conducted in 2008, taking cat naps leads to a reduction of the risk of heart disease by 12%. Daily naps will lead to a reduction of the risk by 37%. The research involved a study of 23000 Greeks.

2. Have goals/objectives

Scientific research shows that retirement can reduce the life expectancy. To illustrate the truth, look at the people of Okinawa, Japan. The old people here believe that there is a reason for which one should wake up for every morning. Therefore have goals you work towards.

3. Practice gardening 

Do not focus only on the value that is added by vegetables to your diet. It has been proven that tending a garden by yourself improves the quality of your life and consequently will lengthen it.

4. Find people of great company

It is always said that no one is an island. Therefore, engage yourself with a community that will make you happy. This way the chance of having a heart disease are cut by half. It is no surprise that you can live 10 years longer. Look at the Ikarians! They are always family oriented.

5. Have sex regularly

Sex can actually improve the way you live. An example of people who live longer by observing this are the men living on the isle of Ikaria. In a study that involved these people, 80% of all men living for 65 to 100 years said that they have been having sex on a regular basis. So why don’t you get that nasty too?

6. Have a strong belief

Ikarians always eat spoonful’s of honey and they believe that it makes them live for long.The belief they have might be the cause of their long life as noticed by scientists. Nothing to do with the honey.
Belief is a great medicine – it makes you relax and relieves your stress. This works like taking a placebo. Why don’t you find a spoon of your honey to make you believe in long life that strongly?

7. Find people of the same kind

It is advisable that you find people who have the same objectives or goals as you. This way your life will prove to be easier and it will be longer.

8. Be part of spiritual experiences

Research shows that engaging yourself in spiritual activities can add a whopping 14 years bonus to your life

9. Watch your diet

Have a balanced diet always. Eat fish, vegetables, some olive oil, nuts and fruits. These Mediterranean foods are the reason behind that high life expectancy you witness in regions Ikaria, Italy and Spain.

10. Exercising

People who live for long, walk a lot. Incorporating other exercises in your daily activities will increase the length of your life. Do not only look at the gym. Try climbing a hill- the Ikarians for instance, live on mountainous regions and they tend to walk everywhere.

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