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Excessive sweating [hyperhidrosis] has been found to be one of the major problems affecting many people today. About 8 million people today have excessive underarm sweating. Excessive underarm sweating is not life threatening, but can threaten your quality of life both socially and economically if not controlled and managed earlier. It is not only a health problem, it is an embarrassing condition. Talk about body odor and stained clothing which can all make one anxious of being around others leading to social isolation.

Underarm sweating, embarrassing as it is, can be stopped or even controlled to enable one live a quality and happy life. Most of the remedies include lifestyle changes, over-the-counter antiperspirants and in severe cases, a doctors intervention is necessary to stop or alleviate the symptoms. Below are helpful ways one can adopt to overcome this condition.

Cutting  Down On Coffee Intake

Reducing your coffee intake or stopping your coffee intake can have a positive impact on your sweating problem. Coffee, as much as you love it helps you stay alert but at the same time can affect the quality of your sleep. Lack of sleep, excessive coffee intake all make you hyper-active hence making you sweat more. Reducing or stopping coffee intake can help in alleviating symptoms of excessive sweating.

Change Your Diet

Strong smelling foods such as onion, garlic, pepper and spices like cumin will affect how your sweat smells. Removing such foods in your diet can help reduce body odor that results from underarm sweating. It’s best to stay away from dietary issues that alleviate this condition.

Start Drinking Sage

Sage is among one of the best home remedies you can use to deal with underarm sweat. All you have to do is mix sage leaves in water already boiled for ten minutes. Drink the water but be careful not to over steep the cup since it can result in you drinking sage residue. This residue might contain toxins that has been released from sage leaves which could be harmful to your health.

Stacking Your Treatment Option

This is another very effective option in dealing with sweaty underarm. Apart from just changing your diet you might consider doing things like;-Getting an effective over-the-counter antiperspirant that suits your needs to help control the odor.-Taking care of your body hygiene. This can include washing and changing your clothes after use, showering often and shaving your armpits.-Exercising to lower your body-mass index [BMI].

Being overweight can lead to excessive sweating, hence losing weight can help in reducing or alleviating sweating.

Wearing undershirts. These help absorb sweat keeping the outer shirt sweat free. These might look simple but actually doing this can have a positive impact on your condition in general.

If all these ways don’t prove effective on your condition, and you are concerned about your sweating then seeking a doctors advice on the condition is necessary. Most treatment option doctors might reconsider can include Botox injections to curb excessive sweating, and surgery to remove sweat glands under your armpits.

In conclusion, underarm sweating is not life threatening. Devising ways to control the situation can help in improving the quality of your life both socially and economically. The rule of the thumb in tackling underarm sweating is to deal with the contributing factors such as nutritional, psychological, hormonal or environmental factors. Doing just this will help you in healing underarm sweating naturally without surgeries nor expensive medications.

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