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Beat constipation


You will agree with me that you will anything to relieve yourself of constipation. Well, there are lots of commercial products that can help you out. This includes: fiber powder, stool softeners, etc. However, it is always advisable to go natural in order to promote regulated defecation. High fibre content foods are well known for clearing the cologne. Doing some exercise too also enhances easy defecation.

The Journal of General Internal Medicine has, however, revealed a simple trick that can help you get away with constipation. This entails massaging your perineum. Perineum is the funny length of skin between your private parts and your butt. There is a distinct pressure point under the perineum that eases constipation when massages. This advice might sound strange but it is not as strange as it sounds. Pregnant women are usually advised to massage the perineum in order to relax the pressure of the muscle around the area and prevent damage during labor.

Researchers studied a group of 100 constipation-suffering people and divided them into two groups with the aim of understanding how simulation the perineum eases constipation. After about four weeks of study, the group that had been shown how to massage their perineum experienced improved bowel function. The people reported that the technique helped them in softening their stools, and of course, they would happily continue to use the helpful trick.

The combination of eating fibrous foods and perineal massage will enhance how poops flutter out of your anus. Try this and see how it helps!

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