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If you are about to get married and you are anxious about writing the best bride speech, then you must be on the look out for tips and examples for bride speeches. In this article, i will share with you an online resource that helped me greatly in making, in my opinion, the bride speech for the day of your own wedding.

First off, let us discuss some of the points that will help you as you write your bride speech.

Make it Heartfelt

A bride toast is the expression of gratitude of the bride to her family especially the parents and in-laws as well as to the friends that have helped in making the wedding a success and an easier task. It is also for the guests that have taken their precious time in witnessing this particular joyous occasion.

Use Memorable and Interesting Stories.

Of course we would want to entertain the crowd. Make sure your speech has humor inserted at some parts. It is always a good idea to include the special moments that you and your groom both share. An example of these special moments is when you and your partner first met each other or first met the parents. It could also be a funny or interesting incident while both you and your partner are just on the courtship phase! This would surely be a point of interest for the crowd but always remember, make your speech humorous but not to the point where you would look silly.

Bring Notes or Index Cards.

Speaking from my own experience or from any speaker for that matter and not just the bride, you should have cue cards or notes with you just in case you would get lost for words or if you just forget the speech entirely.

Even if you are confident that you have already memorized the speech that you made, speaking in front of an audience can make a person nervous which would then lead you to be distracted from recalling your speech. If you start feeling tensed or nervous, you can easily forget the speech or get lost on its flow so bring notes or cue cards with you. This will serve as a guide as well on the people you will be mentioning to thank for making the day possible.

Do not forget to thank the groom because after all, he is your partner. Glance at your notes from time to time. Do not ever stare at the audience for an awkward amount of minutes just so you can gather your thoughts.

Before starting the speech, check if you are loud enough.

No matter how good the speech you have written is, it wont matter if the guests do not hear it. Make sure you are loud enough and do not mumble the words for 200 a minute! That would be ridiculous. During your preparation time, find some place private where you can boom out the words and then practice it using a voice that is larger than life. A speech or toast whether you like it or not, involves a bit of theatrical aura because you are the center of everyone’s attention. Enjoy and embrace the moment fully. Note: do not be scared in asking people mid-toast whether they can hear you or not.

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