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Do you wish to be free from consuming toxins from processed foods? Are you considering embracing a whole-food-only lifestyle? If you answer YES to any of these questions, this is the right path for you to be on.

Changing to a real-food lifestyle has over time, being an issue as people find it difficult to take even the first step needed to live this feeding lifestyle. As a result, they endanger themselves with continuous consumption of the toxic processed food they are comfortable eating. The good news is, with the help of the 10-week feeding methodology, you don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way any longer.

Flexibility is important in every adaptation methodology. Thus 10-week program gives you flexibility in that you can adjust the schedule to suite your taste. You can extend a week schedule to over a week and you can also shrink two week schedule into one. The purpose of this feeding methodology is to keep you healthier and keep you mindful of the content of what you eat.

Week 1: Fruits are important part of every meal. Add two different fruits and/or vegetables to every meal even when it means sacrificing a part of your meal.

Week 2: Drink only whole beverages like coffee, tea, non- diary milk and water with optional addition of natural sweeteners like maple syrup, organic honey or stevia. You are unrestricted to take a cup of freshly squeezed juice and a glass of wine (preferably red) per week.

Week 3: Run away from fast food. Let meat no longer be the main dish of any meal but an alternative. * Try as much as possible to always introduce new whole-foods to your meals.

Week 4: Put a stop to the consumption of packaged commercial foods supposedly tagged “low fat” or “lite.”

Week 5: Make sure to only eat 100% whole grain food including bread, pasta, etc.

Week 6: Eradicate adding refined and artificial sweeteners to all your diet. These sweeteners includes white sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, stevia, cane juice, etc. When you need to sweeten your food and beverages, strictly use reasonable quantity honey or maple syrup use.

Week 7: Refined and hydrogenated oils weakens insulin level in the blood. Use olive oil instead of refined oils. Common refined and hydrogenated oils includes vegetable oil (both organic and synthetic), corn oil, canola oil, margarine, soybean oil, grape seed oil, and others. Instead, use olive oil.

Week 8: In life, discovery is key. Do well to visit local farmers’ market, find out the locally planted food produce and incorporate them in your meal in moderate quantities.

Week 9: This one requires great determination and commitment to this feeding methodology. Abolish the use of sweeteners from all your meals including the previously recommended sweeteners.

Week 10: Discontinue the usage of artificial ingredients in all your meals and any food product. Furthermore, avoid packaged foods with more than 5 items in the ingredient list.

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