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If you want others to know how to treat you, you first have to be happy with yourself and also treat yourself well. Eating well, taking good care of your body and making high demands for yourself both at home and t work will attract people who can take care of you and also take care of themselves.

1. Portray a good self-image
It goes by a popular saying that, “you have to love yourself before others can love you” Humans are prone to mistake but it is not right to take your shortcomings up on yourself. You need discover your talents, appreciate them use them judiciously to develop self-confidence for yourself. This way, you command respect and esteem from other people.

2. Learn from the past; don’t bring them into the future
You sometime feel like punching yourself when you remember some dumb steps you took in the past. Nobody has a smooth past; everyone only tries to look over the rough spots. You shouldn’t – as a matter of fact, you must not – live you present life in the past. Inviting the fears and scars in a relationship can ruin it no matter how healthy it may seem. Those things happened in the past so that you can know how to guide against them now and later in future. Focus on the advantages of the present relationship with the main of making it healthier and adventurous.

3. Learn from others
It is always good to learn from others. Take a look at those you know who have what can be considered a good relationship. Take time to study how they interact with their partners, how they thrill themselves, how they think and how they settle misunderstanding. Inculcate the good ones into your relationship to achieve a healthier relationship than theirs.

4. Like the nice guys
There is usually this possibility of casting off those who truly and genuinely like and care about us. Fight this possibility and get on the right track.

5. Too cool
A lot of ladies love guys that are “too cool” or those you can refer to as “bad boy”. Don’t waste your time chasing after these kind of people, they simply waste your time and render you effortless. Stay with someone who is available and truly interested in you.

6. Have fun!
Don’t forget that dates may not necessarily lead to a marital relationship. Go for dates with the sole aim of having fun. This way, everything will go more smoothly

7. Take it slow
The joy and excitement of a newly found love can make you want to dive in without know the end. Don’t get caught up in the fun that you find it difficult to retract. Fight that impulse and take things slowly. What will be will be, when the time is right.

8. Don’t bug your thinking
Don’t over-think things. This could soil a prospective healthy relationship. Free yourself, open up to good things and get closer to them and when they seem wrong, back out.

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