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The delicacy and freshness of homegrown veggies is a favorite to many. Nothing rejuvenates more than heading to your vegetable garden after a long day and picking fresh crisps for your dining table. A home garden makes it possible only to pick what you intend to use, and this ensures you’re always eating fresh. But there is a problem. Apartment and small home dwellers often seem not to have adequate space for any form of gardening.

Thanks to indoor gardening, you can have a piece of a green sanctuary, where you live. Barrel growing is increasingly becoming a popular way of practising indoor gardening. It is important as it helps to control the spread of diseases, and it is easier to arrange your plants to enhance your indoor appearance and optimize the plants for sunlight and temperature. A single barrel can hold as many cucumbers as a 3 Meter square piece of land!

But why cucumbers? Of all veggies you could raise in your indoors, cucumbers may be the easiest and the healthiest. Cucumbers contain Vitamins A, B, and C, potassium, hydrating water, and silica, the compound useful for your hair and nail health. In addition to this, cucumbers are good for your digestion, counteracts urinary acids, kills bacteria’s and are great breath fresheners. Growing cucumbers is indeed a worthy venture.

How to Grow Your Cucumbers in a Barrel
The following are steps for growing your cucumbers in a barrel. If possible, be sure to position the barrel near a light source such as a sunny window.

1. Get the Right Cucumber Seeds
Unlike in open fields, indoor plants are not exposed to certain elements such as pollination. Your first step should be getting hybrid seeds that breed, grow and fruit without pollination. To save space, ensure you are getting the dwarf variety.

2. Fill the Barrel with Organic Waste
Fill the bottom half of your barrel with organic materials such as straw, grass, leaves, banana peels, carrots, branches, fruits, and vegetables or weeds.

3. Fill with Soil
In the month of may, be sure to fill your barrel with soil. The depth of soil should be between 10 and 15cm. You can bring in dirt from your garden, but be sure not to bring pests and seeds of weeds to your indoors.

4. Plant Your Seeds
Plant four to five seeds and space them 12-15 cm apart. Planting too close to each other may hinder growth.

5. Cover and Water
After inserting your seeds, be sure to cover the barrel with nylon so as to preserve heat. Ensure that you are watering the seeds once in 3-4 days. The amount of water should be 5-7 liters in those 3-4 days.

6. Remove the Nylon
When the weather finally gets way, probably in mid-June, remove the nylon cover and let the cucumbers freely grow.

7. Keep on Rotating
If by mistake you placed too many seeds in one hole or you notice some seedlings are very week compared to others, remove them and let the strongest grow. Your cucumbers may grow twisted in response to light. To prevent it, be sure to rotate the barrels regularly.

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