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We all know that you’re a nice guy. And how do we know that? Because every girl you know and have feelings for tells you that you are, right before she pierces your heart and claims she isn’t interested. Not interested in you at least.

Are you tired of being the perfect guy for every girl, but are still constantly getting turned down? And every time, they tell you how amazing you are and how lucky some other girl will be to have you. But why don’t they want you? Well lucky for you, there is finally hope for the good guy to get the girl after all.

We know, it feels like it doesn’t make sense, women like to be around you, don’t they? You are definitely not some weird stalker who creeps them out, or some kind of rapist who only wants what’s in their pants, right? You listen to them, you really listen to them. You let them spill their feelings onto your lap and then you help them pick up the pieces and put them back into place again.

So why do they always put you off as “just a friend?” They don’t seem to ever think to turn to you, unless it’s between horrible boyfriends. Why don’t they ever think “hey, maybe I should ask him out? Maybe I should give it a try with the nice guys who’s always been there for me?”

That question comes with a complicated answer. It’s a mix between biology, sexuality and the theory of scarce resources. Essentially, it’s about her fooling herself into believing that the guy who is the best to her, would somehow make the worst boyfriend.

Now, what most guys seem to jump to at this point is the idea of becoming a bad boy. They think that if they can turn into the boy that the girls usually go for, they will have a better chance. And of course, in this day and age, they simply turn to a quick internet search to help them out. Anyone can do one, it only takes a matter of seconds.

If you do search about it, you will quickly become bombarded with guidebooks and instructional programs full of the so called “best” pick up lines, and tricks for one night stands, and easy ways to get her into bed so she’s screaming out for more.

But, you’re not one of those types of guys. You truly are a nice guy, and the last thing you want to do is become the bad guy that she’s running away from. You know, deep down, that there is no moral and right way to trick someone into sleeping with you, no matter how desperate you get.

The absolute last thing you want to do is trick them and emotionally manipulate them so that they feel horrible about themselves, even if it means you get a good night out of it. You’ve always hated the kinds of guys that do that to her, so you’ll never turn into one of them, it’s just not you.

There is, however, another way, a way that doesn’t involve becoming an asshole. What is it you may ask? Well, it’s known as The Girlfriend Activation System. This system will help you start learning what you have been doing wrong, and how to combat those instincts, without turning you into a jerk. All it takes to get started are a few simple tips and tricks.

1. Love Yourself: Most often, the guys who don’t do well with women aren’t even comfortable with themselves, so that’s the first place to start.

2. Correct Yourself: As much as you hate to say it, not everything you’ve been doing with or around women has been correct, and you need to start fixing it.

3. Avoid Becoming An Ass: If you avoid doing this one specific thing, women are much more likely to be attracted to you.

4. Getting A Yes: You better start saving for a wedding dress because the love of your life is fast approaching.

The Girlfriend Activation System works because it was designed by those who know the difference between being a good guy and being a womanizer. This is not another one of those pick-up artist manuals, but instead, it’s a program designed to make you into the guy women want to love.

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