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It’s a known fact that the divorce rate has steadily increased over the recent years. With marriages having a 40-50% chance of ending in a divorce and people turning to second and third marriages, here are some tips to avoid divorce and keep your relationship secure.

1. Be Informed

Learn everything possible about tools, methods and techniques to build successful marriages. There are success factors like tools and approaches to use while dealing with conflict, personal and psychological circumstances which influence your marriage and other similar data.

Also know your risk factors as your maturity at marriage and age determines how successful the marriage will be, the affair’s anatomy and available options after infidelity. You can easily avail this information through self-help material, support groups, counselor and other options in different formats to help make the best of your marriage.
However this information is not for hyper-psycho analyzing your relationship, partner or yourself nor something to discuss as a formality. This information is for you to think about and how it can help transform you and your marriage. It helps make you more competent knowledge-wise and more prudent in approach.

2. Keep on Improving Your Marriage

Unfortunately, many couples think that everything becomes fine after marriage. Little do they know that marriages have to be made good as they don’t fall from heaven nor are they part of a romance novel. No matter how beautiful the wedding may be, the marriage’s hard work starts immediately after it.
It’s not practical to just slack off as you have so many years to spend together. It’s not a matter of pleasing your spouse every day; you both need mutual commitment to be focused to communicate and spend time together.

You need to plan and set goals as a couple and lay guidelines to follow and change if required. You should decide how to deal with kids and other significant parts of the relationship. In addition to all this, you need to maintain your marriage’s romance, intimacy and passion even if you may sometimes not be in sync. Couples which put in the effort generally develop a 6th sense about the partner’s needs and desires.

3. Commitment

Notice that happiness and love are not the key factors for a successful marriage. Happiness comes and goes in various forms and love tends to grow and wane in relationships. You need to invest in, understand and even periodically renew commitment as it is the one factor which remains constant through the happy, passionate, lovelorn and sad times of your marriage.

Its commitment which makes you want, feel and think you have to stay. Couples don’t realize that commitment is a decision and the foundation of a relationship and not a whim or extra. It’s an act of choice in a person defining how the person will be available for the other.

4. Power In You

It is mature people who have mature and lasting marriages. You take responsibility and choose your actions in anything, especially relationships. You can choose between reacting to tough situations and getting swept away by an emotional tide. It is you who starts a fulfilling relationship and it lies in you if you will succumb to any temptation you face.

So you have lots of homework to do. You need to learn to love yourself, grow mature and work out your issues. All this forms the base for a successful marriage, even if your partner has some issues or is under a crisis pressure.
These are just four basic tips for avoiding divorce. There’s lots more you and your spouse should explore in each tip to build a successful marriage.

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