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health benefits of almonds

The world’s greatest nut is a natural, tasty and highly nutritious nut called Almonds. Quite a number of people are used to consuming almonds and there are tons of facts about almonds that you night not yet be aware of. Few of these facts are highlighted below:

1. Heart attack
Certain health researchers have shown that risk to heart disease can be reduced from eating a quota of nuts five times a week.

2. Cholesterol level
A medical study has shown that adding almonds to meals reduces body cholesterol level without weight gain.

3. Cardiovascular system healthiness
Almond skins are contains flavonoids which, when combined with vitamin E, keeps the cardiovascular system healthy.

4. Strong teeth and bone
Almonds contains phosphorus which increases the strength of teeth and bone.

5. Weight loss
Statistics had shown that people that eat nuts at least twice a week have low probability of gaining weight compared to those who don’t. This is because they contain healthy fat found in skinnier people. They are cholesterol free!

6. Blood sugar regulation
When eaten after meals, almonds regulates insulin and blood sugar levels in the body.

7. Healthy brain
Almonds contains riboflavin and L-carnitine, both known to fight the growth of Alzheimer’s disease and to boost brain function.

8. Alkalization
Alkaline deficiency in the body causes osteoporosis. Almond nuts are known for alkaline generation in the body. Alkaline increases body immunity and reduces weight gain.

Funny facts about almonds:
1. The leading almond producer is the United States
2. Almonds are stone fruits. Other stone fruits are cherries, peaches and plum.
3. In ancient Egypt, almonds were used for cosmetics.
Almond nutrient composition:
Almonds contains 13% protein, 27% DV (266mg) of calcium per 100g, 37% DV (367mg) per cup. They also contain 11 grams of monounsaturated fat per ¼ cup. They are rich in vitamin E, vitamin B, magnesium, fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and copper.
How to get the nutrition from almonds:
Almonds could be hard to digest because they contain phytate. Soaking them neutralizes phytate and discharges the nutrients. You could soak them before eating in order to neutralize the phytate and release the nutrients. Almond milk is a good substitute to diary milk. Almond flour is good baking and cooking gluten free meals. Almond skin contains over 20 antioxidant flavonoids. Always eat almonds with the skin.

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