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A red rash, sore, scaly, dry skin that can be severely itchy that’s not brought about by chicken pox or poison ivy is pertained to as dermatitis or eczema. It usually forms inside the elbows, around the knees, on the face, fingers, and almost any other area of the body. Are you an eczema sufferer? If not, then you can only imagine the discomfort it brings and the frustration one experiences as it frequently comes and goes!

Eczema closely resembles an allergy, but it is not one, nor is it a type of skin condition. Few people realize this, and know that it is actually an autoimmune disease which refers to a condition wherein your body attacks its own cells. Many are faced with the struggle of persistent eczema, rashes that still haven’t cleared up, and having to deal with its symptoms. In some instances, moisturizers, lotions, even doctor-prescribed steroid creams and ointments don’t seem to work, rather leave skin thinner and the condition made even worse. Nobody deserves to suffer with dermatitis, and there might be something revolutionary you haven’t tried just yet!

Healthy Skin, Healthy You

Kefir holds the promise of being an inside-out treatment for eczema. Many people can break-free from the condition in a natural way, on top of being healthier than ever! Sourced from goats milk, this Eastern European probiotic that has shown great prowess as it refills your digestive system with bacteria that render it to good health. Did you know that in most cases, autoimmune issues can be cleared up right from where they start, which is in the gut? Try these kefir-based all-natural techniques that can greatly help heal eczema:

Drink to Good Health

Start your journey to a healthier skin and body with a 21-day course of kefir yogurt, a lactose-free drink packed with vitamins and minerals. Look for those made from real kefir grains and raw goats milk, which is the most nutritious and the least allergic.

Natural Sweetener

For the same duration of 21 days, utilize only a sweetener instead of sugar and see if it will do wonders for you! Glucose is thought to alter the healthy balance of the bacteria found in the gut. Stevia is one kind of all-natural sweetener that can easily be acquired from health food stores or supermarkets.

Goat’s VS Cow’s Milk

There are a number of studies which reveal that protein found in cow’s milk could trigger autoimmune conditions. Steer clear from cow’s milk for 21 days, and replace with only goat’s milk products incorporated in your daily diet.

Fight Inflammation

Work out a strategy, and eat an anti-inflammatory diet for again the set number of 21 days. Consume larger portions of fruits and vegetables. Infuse healthy fats such as avocado and nuts in your meals while avoiding rice, pasta, and white bread.

Skin Application

Directly apply kefir onto your skin, which balances the bacteria on the skin’s surface and work its way to treating and healing eczema. You will be delighted with its soothing effects especially once the rashes all go away!

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