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Bad travel

Modern, fast-paced lifestyles of today render a huge portion of the population as sub-standard sleep sufferers. These involves work habits, dieting and exercise regimens, which altogether result to compromised sleep patterns and irregular cycles of sleep which can have adverse effects on health among many other negative effects o the body.

With travel as part of daily living or a venture to undertake, such as boarding a plane, going to airports and staying at hotels, poor sleep becomes almost inevitable. Having a good sleep is quite possible even in bad places if you know of these smart tips that will make life easier for you:

By Plane

1. Fly First Class

If you can afford it and have the luxury to fly first class, it will be well worth a good sleep with cozy and comfortable seats.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

This is no place to dress to impress, unless you’re a celebrity bound to be welcomed by a crowd of paparazzi upon emerging from the airport! Dress as comfortable as you can be and getting the most out of any situation with some sleep during travel will be deemed effortless. Carry your suit or stylish clothes if you wish for a quick change straight from the plane.

3. Bring a Pillow with You

There’s nothing better than a soft pillow that reminds you of home sweet home for a refreshing onboard nap, rather than travel pillows that can be uncomfortable.

4. Take a Pill

Just half of an OTC sleeping pill or the natural melatonin type will do to let you have some sleep without the zombie-like feeling afterwards.

5. Eat Right Prior to Your Flight

If you wish to experience a bit of nice sleep, eat smart and avoid spicy foods and strong alcoholic drinks which can cause an upset stomach or acid reflux.

At the Hotel

1. Regulate Temperature

The human body generally cools off as you sleep, so if the room temperature doesn’t feel right for you, bring the temperature down if you must. Open a window or turn on the fan.

2. Make Yourself at Home

You don’t necessarily have to be stuck in a particular room that doesn’t make you feel comfortable or has a very noisy environment. Ask politely to be transferred to a more peaceful room.

3. Don’t fight Insomnia

After trying for 30 minutes to get to sleep to no avail, it would be best to get out of bed instead of frustratingly forcing yourself. Do other things like read your favorite book or watch TV for some time, then try again later on.

In Public Places

Sometimes we’ve got to face it that much needed sleep has to be achieved in airports or train stations and other public transport due to the difficulty of plotting a perfectly-planned travel schedule. Keep these in mind though if the need arises:

1. Stay Safe

The darkest spot and secluded area may be enticing as the best place to sleep, but can likewise be the most dangerous. As much as possible, stick to well-lit parts of the vehicle where staff are stationed. Lock up personal belongings in a locker or keep them close to your body.

2. It Won’t Hurt to Ask

Some airports have cots available in case of stranded passengers, while some may have a VIP lounge which hold comfortable beds which you may have access to at a certain price.

3. Dress for the Occasion

During cold weather, add extra layers of clothing to your usual attire so you can dress and keep yourself warm. You can even have them as substitute pillows if necessary for longer trips.

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