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When you start dating a guy, so many different kinds of feelings come into your head. Its a mix of fear and excitement. It is one of those feelings which you rarely get in your life. Hence, it can be scary initially and can make you feel a bit insecure. Even if the guy is perfectly normal and everything has been smooth in the first few weeks, the sense of fear always remains. You always get the feeling that he will leave you. You are confused whether he is willing to commit himself in a long term relationship or not.

Because of this constant fear and insecurity, you get obsessed. You feel insecure whenever he doesn’t call. You can’t focus on your work, you can’t get a good night’s sleep. You constantly call up your best friend to help you out with the situation. He is the only thing that is always on your mind. You are so desperate for love, that you lose your identity and become a different kind of person. You look much more lively when you feel more confident and secure. You look much more better when you have complete trust on your guy and you know that he will never leave you . You look much more attractive when you focus on the present, instead of always worrying about the future.

Hence, living in the present is the most important thing. It makes you a better person and is also good for your relationship. This is one of the most important principles that have been discussed in this book. Just keep things simple. A man will anyway do whatever he needs to do. If he wishes to call you, then he will do it. If he wants you to meet his family, then he will do it. That is why, you should just leave it to him. Don’t try to control his actions. Just sit back and do nothing.

There is no need to constantly nudge him. If he hasn’t replied to your text or didn’t ask you for a date, then just ignore it. You may think that calling him or texting him will be the best thing to do, but it actually makes the situation worse. When you constantly force a man to take some action, he thinks that you are just desperate and greedy. He gets the feeling that you don’t have complete trust on him. If he is indeed the right man for you, then he doesn’t need to be nudged.

So, that leaves you with the question- What should I do? Well the answer is really easy. Just keep things simple. Just fool around with him and enjoy his presence. Give him the time he needs. It is not possible for him to know whether you are the right lady just after 2 or 3 weeks. Slowly, he will step up his efforts. The wrong guy on the other hand, will just never escalate his effort. Hence, it is very easy to distinguish the right guy from the wrong guy. If you find this piece of advice helpful but struggling to implement it, then you should buy the book, “Why He Disappeared”.

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