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You might be doing all the required exercises and sticking to the guide your instructor gave you, but you are not getting the best results. Besides, you are always eating well, engaging in regular exercise, and you are watching your progress, and you feel that the results are not impressive. This is because there are some of the mistakes you might be making without knowing, and they impact negatively on your weight loss program. Hence, here are some of the mistakes that you are always making during your regular exercises.

1. The perception of achieving nutritional success does not concur with the reality in your regular eating habits and the foods you eat. You need to get essential and surefire rules to achieving your fat loss plans by reading the fat loss nutrition guidelines by Dr. Chris Mohr.

2. Your training program does not entail a variety of exercises.

3. Your training intensity is slow which gives you the needed to improve its intensity to get better fat loss results.

To get better fat loss results, it is good to stick to stick to your training routine. Although we do not always like to embrace change because we are so much glued to our comfort zones, it enables us to get poor results in our workouts every month hence we do not attain the required body changes. It is prudent to change your workouts after every four weeks. You cannot achieve your fat loss dreams by engaging in the same exercise and activities every day. You need hard challenges that will give you worthy targets to ensure that you burn the excess fat in your body.

Moreover, there are a variety of training exercises that will make sure that your body gets the turbulence to your muscles. Hence, you will use a lot of energy that will burn the fats and the calories. This will help in your recovery period that will assist in repairing your muscles and aid in the replenishment of your energy hence will boost your metabolism.

Besides, your body is most likely to get used to the training, exercises, the reps and the sets that always give a ho-hum response and your metabolism will always get used to it. This will require you to raise the intensity of your workouts so as to get better results. Moreover, having slow and boring cardio does impact positively on your metabolism.

Research has proven that eight reps can improve your post-workout metabolism higher than 12 reps. You need to add some little weight as you reduce the number of reps by 2 in every set. This is a better way to start your fat loss program. Avoid regular machine circuit exercises and engage in turbulence weight training that will ensure you get positive progress after the workout. You should also consider warming up using a bodyweight circuit, and you should stick on eight reps on each exercise as you do it twice.

Sample bodyweight circuit includes bodyweight squat, easy pushups, bodyweight row such as stick-ups. You should also engage in 20 minutes exercise that involves total body strength training with exercises done in supersets such as DB press and BD squat. You should also consider participating in exercises with weights that allows eight reps only and you should not rest between the press and squats. It is advisable to rest for a minute after the press then repeats the exercise two extra times.

The next superset involves the DB split squat, DB row which helps in boosting your body strength. These exercises can also be done in the DB press and DB squat on many intervals. You should also engage in a 5 minute warm up that entails six intervals in every 60 seconds while you engage in harder cardio pace while you give yourself 60-90seconds recovery. You also need to have a 5-minute cooldown that is essentials in stretching your muscles tightly.

Slow cardio has been considered to cause no impact to any trainee whose time in the gym is timed and wants to train safe and engage in exercises they feel comfortable doing them. When you are physically fit and healthy, then you should consider increasing your workout intensity and change the workout variables to achieve great fat loss results.

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