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There are hundreds of exotic locations around the world that every traveler wants to visit. Whether it is scuba diving in Australia, trekking in Bolivia or cattle herding in Arizona, every traveler must take the time to plan their big trip. Here are some of the essential tips to have a next generation travel experience.

1. Seek Travel Advice
There numerous printed travel guides and online sources such as Tripavisor, where you can get travel advice. Their crowd-sourced reviews will provide detailed information on a wide range of areas including spas, hotels as well as restaurants.

2. Keep Confirmation Emails
Save all your emails on reservations to ensure that you get back-up in case the company loses their copy.

3. Compare Prices and Fares
You should use various travel agencies such as Travelocity or Expedia to compare prices from various companies.

4. Accumulate Loyalty Point
You should obtain a loyalty card from your hotel or airline company. This will help earn free gifts and cash when you redeem your points.

5. Plan Ahead
You should not wait until the last day to begin packing. Think ahead and even check weather predictions to know what types of clothes to pack.

6. Use One Suitcase
Try and pack all your essential items in a single suitcase to make it easier for you to move around the train stations, airports and hotels.

7. Observe the Law You must consider the particular habits and laws in your destination. This will keep you away from embarrassing moments with the police.

8. Carry Your Medicine
It is advised that you pack all your medicine in your carry-on bag that you carry on your back throughout the trip.

9. Leave Expensive Belongings
You should avoid carrying expensive items that you would not want to lose. These include items such as designer duds, electronics or jewelry.

10. Tag Your Bags
Always remember to tag your suitcases with you name and contact.

11. Stay Hydrated
You must check your health while traveling by staying hydrated. You should also move around and stand up especially when flying for long hours. This will help in blood circulation.

12. Know your Country’s Embassy
 This is important as you will have a safe place to run to when you get into serious trouble.

13. Keep your Family in the Know
Ensure that you update your family and friends on your health as well as the general well-being.

14. Pack Simple Luggage
There are items that you do not need to pack as you are likely to find them in supermarkets, malls and pharmacies once you reach your destination.

15. Try Local Produce
Avoid taking everything from your hotel. Exploring the locals can not only offer you a wide variety of produce but will also offer a unique vacation experience.

16. Don’t Leave Valuable Items in Your Room
Some hotels provide a safe at the front desk or in the rooms where you can safely store your valuables.

17. Go For Other Accommodation Options
Besides staying in a hotel room, you can also opt to go for local apartments, villas or even staying at other people’s apartments.

18. Use Credit Cards
When traveling, it is advised not to carry too much cash, to avoid cases being pick-pocketed or robbed.

19. Study Your Destination
You can take some time before the trip to learn a few local words or traditions.

20. Have a Plan B
You should always have a back-up plan in case of unpredictable events such as political regimes, weather or even changes in bus schedules.

21. Connect with the Locals
You can use the social media to interact with the locals. Meet them at the Local Park or pub and make new friends.
22. Get Travel Insurance
This is mainly important when traveling to destinations such as Africa and India, which are known for various travelers’ illnesses.

23. Spend Less
Ensure that you save money by bargaining at the local stores and markets.

24. Don’t Over-Shop
You should focus on getting one or two items that will create great memories of your vacation.

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